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The swinging 60s were a heck of a time. Flower power, hippies and all the suede you could wish for! Ready your trippy colored VW van and hit the creative road with some inspiring 1960s fonts from our far-out collection.

This decade was all about freedom of expression, so why not use our fonts to play around with different project ideas - try your hand at some new design and crafting techniques, make some fun items for yourself or get a whole 60s theme going for your website, social media posts or product range.

We’re offering some amazing discounts on many of our downloads, so you’re spoilt for choice on top quality designs without having to break the bank!

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Our free 1960s fonts are groovy, baby, yeah!

Patch work, stickers and bright, vibrant patterns were all the rage back then, so why not treat yourself to a whole selection of free 1960s fonts and play around with making some fun, energetic collages.

Why not try using your fonts to make a multi-layer vinyl design. Sometimes, getting the layers to line up once cut can be a bit of a problem, but there’s a really simple hack to fix that issue - you need to add in something called registration marks. To do this, make a small square and duplicate it into each color layer you are using. Line them all up using the center option on the align function, make sure to have them all selected and add them into the top left-hand corner of my project.

Duplicate that stack of squares and add it to the right-hand top corner. The final step is to select the colored squares in the layers panel and weld them with your other pieces of the same color. When the vinyl cuts out all you need to do is line up that square on each layer and everything will be perfectly spaced.

You’ll have a gas with your 1960s fonts file

To truly embrace the feel of retro and a simpler time, why not use your 1960s fonts file to combine modern design tools with some traditional techniques. Depending on what style of font you go for, once you’ve printed or transferred your design onto your chosen material or fabric, then adorn it by gluing or hand-stitching some embellishments, like beads, feathers or even repurpose some old 60s jewelry!

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