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How many of us haven’t entertained the fantasy of leaving society behind and going off, having amazing adventures, sailing the seven seas. The life of a pirate has an irresistible appeal… scurvy and barnacles aside. Thankfully, with our amazing collection of pirate fonts, you won’t have to worry about any illness or the East India Trading Company killing your buzz.

Rum, gold and the spray of the sea - there is so much fun to be had with the pirate theme, so don’t limit your ideas. Treat yourself to a whole treasure chest of fun fonts and let the inspiration bring you that horizon...

Expand your booty with some free pirates fonts!

With our free pirates fonts, your next designs will be bucca-near perfection!

If you like piña coladas and NOT getting caught in the rain, gloomy weather is the perfect excuse to stay in and do some crafting. Why not use your chosen font to upcycle some old clothes and try sublimating your lettering onto an old t-shirt or jacket. If your garment is holey or frayed, this will actually give it that perfect vintage look, while having a modern, high-quality finish from your transferred design.

When sublimating onto anything, it’s a good idea to heat the product up slightly beforehand, to get rid of any residual moisture, especially if it's a fabric or a porous material. A good tip is also to apply your sublimation paper while the material is still slightly warm. Once your sublimation design is printed and the ink is completely dry, position it onto your garment and hold it in place with heat-resistant tape. Be careful when removing the sublimation paper, as it will be hot, but it is recommended to remove sublimation paper from a design as soon as it’s done. Why not use tweezers, tongs, maybe even chopsticks and be sure to wait for the design to cool before you touch it or try it on!

Argh, a pirates fonts file will be your matey

Pirates were never big fans of following the rules, but lucky for you, you won’t have to worry about any hoop-jumping with our downloads. Every pirates fonts file comes with a dual license, so you have full freedom to use your favorite typography for both personal and commercial use, so you can share your creative haul with your customers and followers.

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