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24 Purple Square Patterns AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000
24 Seamless Square Patterns
100 Stone Mosaic Corners - AI, EPS, SVG, JPG
15 heart patterns EPS, AI, SVG, JPG 5000x5000
36 Abstract Backgrounds (AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000)
48 Floral Mandala Backgrounds
30 pixel mosaic page frames AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000
48 Radial Triangle Mosaic Backgrounds
24 Seamless Square Patterns
5 Mandala Backgrounds (AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000)
24 Seamless Circle Patterns
24 Floral Mandala Brochure Backgrounds
5 fractal design backgrounds AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000
50 Burst Backgrounds AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000
16 sketch frame designs AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000
105 star logo designs EPS, AI, SVG, JPG 4800x4800
24 Star Patterns AI, EPS, JPG 5000x5000
48 Mosaic Mandala Backgrounds
20 impossible polygon logo designs
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I love to make experiments with geometric shapes and colors.

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