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What is Fanatic?

Download Fanatic Font free today from Font Bundles

The full version of the font comes with a full commercial licence which can be found here: https://fontbundles.net/license

We also have a free version of the font below which comes with a personal license.

Fanatic Lite Version


Lite Version No Longer Available - Expired

Fanatic Commercial Full Version

Price: $20.00

The Full version allows you to use the incredible Fanatic font in your commercial projects. The full version also includes:

  • Lowercase Letters including additional glyphs: a-z
  • Uppercase Letters including additional glyphs: A-Z
  • Numbers including additional glyphs: 0-9
  • Full Punctuation
  • Fully accessible with Character Map and Font Book for PC and Mac use
  • FontBundles.net Premium License – Personal and Commercial Use
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Fanatic example 1
Fanatic example 2
Fanatic example 3
Fanatic example 4

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