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Jolicia Type means lovers of adventure and joy in life that is our principle. Founded in 2020. but we've been working since 2019 and making fonts with The Ocean Studio as my husbands studio, I prefer to make fonts in a casual style. We focus on making the best for all of you. We work with original ideas and the latest stylish trends. A good font is a great design.

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Jolicia Type Foundry Profile Banner

Featured Products

JT Modernism | Funky Font
Christmas Blink | Playfull Font
Hippie Mods | Groovy Font
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Swily Bright | Classy Font
Gilton | Display Font Family
Legquinne | Variable Font
Kaffe | Psychedelic Typefaces
Jt Gilboys | Rounded Font
TANAMERA | Psychedelic Font
Artisan Paris | Display Font
LaFemme Vibe | Serif Font
Migae | Display Font
Mac Sans | Display Sans Serif Font
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Rolie Twily |Curly Font
Gretha | Display Serif
JT Olifer | 40 Fonts Family
LE Buffec | 18 Fonts Family
$20.00 USD
$19.00 USD
Jello Chlour
$17.00 USD
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