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Interior Design HDR LUTs
Blend Modes Profiles LR 7.3 ACR 10.3 v2.0
Thermography LUTs

Bulk Herbs and Spices Gradients
Nuts and Seeds Gradients
Mushrooms Gradients
Berries Gradients
Darkroom Toners Vol. 4 profiles Lightroom ACR
Darkroom Toners Vol. 3 profiles Lightroom ACR
Darkroom Toners Vol. 2 profiles Lightroom ACR
Darkroom Toners Vol. 1 profiles Lightroom ACR
Corel Painter Herbs and Spices Gradient Library
Corel Painter Berries Gradient Library
Capture One Pro Product HDR styles
Corel Painter Mushroom Gradients
Capture One Pro HDR Interiors styles
Wine Gradients
Canon Picture Styles Inspired profiles Lightroom ACR
Sony Creative Style Inspired profiles Lightroom ACR
CMYK Variations Profiles Lightroom ACR Kit
Zone System Indicators profiles Lightroom and ACR
Ilford and Kentmere Films profiles Lightroom ACR
LAB Color V5 - Calculations profiles Lightroom ACR
CMYK Quadtones LUTs
Abandoned Places HDR LUTs
Historical Toning V Profiles Lightroom ACR
Panasonic Photo Style Inspired profiles LR ACR
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Welcome to the World of the next generation of Adobe Photoshop actions, Lightroom and ACR profiles, Capture One Pro styles, sophisticated Gradients and much more. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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