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20 Fully Accessible PUA Encoded Fonts.

The Spring Fonts Bundle is a collection of 20 beautiful and graceful typefaces carefully chosen to bring your designs, arts and crafts work to life.

The perfect bundle both on price and craftsmanship you will find these 20 fonts your new companion for any design project this spring.

Priced at only $20 you save a huge $280 and 93% off the RRP for a limited time only. Working out to only $1 per font!

All fonts in this bundle are fully PUA encoded so you can be sure they work in any software. Fully accessible via Character Map for PC and Fontbook for Mac.

The bundle comes with a full commercial licence which can be found here:

Bundle Expired
Hannah Abbot
Calligraphy Script
Dreams Liem

This bundle includes the following fonts

Anastasia - 502 glyphs
Bareken Typeface - 199 glyphs
Calligraphy Script - 732 glyphs
Dalina Script - 112 glyphs
Debeli 2 - 180 glyphs
Dreams Liem - 485 glyphs
Fashionista - 330 glyphs
Guarddilla Typeface - 218 glyphs
Hannah Abbot - 356 glyphs
Jasmine - 455 glyphs
Lovelight Typeface - 104 glyphs
Mofishine - 611 glyphs
Mysera - 190 glyphs
Nafeeza - 495 glyphs
Prestige - 333 glyphs
Sobbers - 105 glyphs
Tycho - 536 glyphs
Tynabella - 367 glyphs
Workaholic Typeface - 133 glyphs
Zombis Night Script - 514 glyphs

  Means the font is PUA Encoded and Accessible in Character Map and Fontbook

Total Font Glyphs In Bundle: 6,957

A Closer Look at some of the Fonts Included

Bareken Typeface design 1
Bareken Typeface design 2
Bareken Typeface design 3
Bareken Typeface design 4
Calligraphy Script design 1
Calligraphy Script design 2
Calligraphy Script design 3
Calligraphy Script design 4
Calligraphy Script design 5
Calligraphy Script design 6
Debeli Bridge design 1
Debeli Bridge design 2
Dreams Liem design 1
Dreams Liem design 2
Dreams Liem design 3
Dreams Liem design 4
Dreams Liem design 5
Dreams Liem design 6
Guarddilla Typeface design 1
Guarddilla Typeface design 2
Guarddilla Typeface design 3
Guarddilla Typeface design 4
Guarddilla Typeface design 5
Hannah Abbot design 1
Hannah Abbot design 2
Hannah Abbot design 3
Hannah Abbot design 4
Hannah Abbot design 5
Hannah Abbot design 6
Hannah Abbot design 7
Jasmine design 1
Jasmine design 2
Jasmine design 3
Jasmine design 4
Jasmine design 5
Lovelight Typeface design 1
Lovelight Typeface design 2
Lovelight Typeface design 3
Lovelight Typeface design 4
Lovelight Typeface design 5
Mofishine design 1
Mofishine design 2
Mofishine design 3
Mofishine design 4
Mofishine design 5
Mysera design 1
Mysera design 2
Mysera design 3
Mysera design 4
Mysera design 5
Nafeeza design 1
Nafeeza design 2
Nafeeza design 3
Nafeeza design 4
Prestige design 1
Prestige design 2
Prestige design 3
Prestige design 4
Prestige design 5
Prestige design 6
Sobbers design 1
Sobbers design 2
Sobbers design 3
Sobbers design 4
Tycho design 1
Tycho design 2
Tycho design 3
Tycho design 4
Tynabella design 1
Tynabella design 2
Tynabella design 3
Tynabella design 4
Tynabella design 5
Tynabella design 6
Workaholic Typeface design 1
Workaholic Typeface design 2
Workaholic Typeface design 3
Workaholic Typeface design 4
Workaholic Typeface design 5
Workaholic Typeface design 6
Zombis Night Script design 1
Zombis Night Script design 2
Zombis Night Script design 3
Zombis Night Script design 4
Zombis Night Script design 5
Zombis Night Script design 6

License Terms

All fonts included in this Bundle are available for personal and commercial use, licensed under the Premium License. You can read the terms of the license here.

How to?!

All of our fonts are easy to install and are either provided in OTF (Open Type Font) and/or TTF (True Type Font) and these will open with any program. We provide a range of tutorials here for extra font glyphs which are provided with a lot of the fonts within the bundle. We also offer easy guides on how to install your new fonts quickly.

We have created an exclusive group for all Font Enthusiasts to join. The purpose of the group is to answer questions,...

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