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10 Best Fonts for T-Shirt Designs

Posted on 30th June 2016

Selling T-shirts is a low-cost way to generate some extra income. With on-demand publishers such as Print Aura and Printful, it’s easier than ever to create your own custom T-shirt designs. The tricky part is designing T-shirts that stand out in a crowded market. Choosing the right font for your shirt can make it eye-catching and desirable to your target audience. Try using one of these top 10 T-shirt fonts to create designs that will go viral.

1. Snacker

Snacker is a simple, sans-serif typeface that looks very attractive on a T-shirt. The rounded edges of the font soften the text a little, while the wide spacing makes the words easy to read. Five weight variations of Snacker are available, so you can experiment with your T-shirt text until it perfectly fits with your overall design.

2. Flycatcher

Even more rounded than Snacker, Flycatcher is a quirky and distinctive font that is perfect for retro T-shirt designs. It pairs perfectly with script fonts to give a vintage style to your T-shirts.


3. Nomad

Let out your adventurous side with Nomad, a slightly rough font that is still very clear. With its fun, hand-painted style, Nomad is a fantastic font for appealing to adventurous individuals, who can help your T-shirt design go viral.

4. Edward

Want to give your custom T-shirt the handmade look? Edward has the rough-around-the-edges look of genuine handwriting, without being overly fussy or difficult to read. Use it to sign your T-shirts with your brand name or add your favorite slogan.

5. Fast

Playful, fun and friendly, Fast is perfect for wacky T-shirt designs. Combine it with bold graphics and bright colors to create a shirt that quickly grabs attention and holds it. While unique and eye-catching, Fast is still easy to read, which is vital for any font that appears on a T-shirt.

6. Mist

Resembling mysterious words fading into the mist, Mist is a regular yet distinctive typeface. Available in uppercase and lowercase with over 40 glyphs, Mist is ideal for any T-shirt text. Combine it with stunning photography to make a lasting impression.

7. Voyageur

Voyageur has no serifs, but it does have a lot of style. Experiment with this tightly-spaced, hand-drawn typeface to find the perfect design for your T-shirt.

8. Rustal Typo

Looking for a typeface that has a vintage edge, yet is still casual enough to use on a T-shirt with wide appeal? Rustal Typo is a rustic font that works fantastically well on unique custom T-shirts. Use these slightly faded letters to enhance your T-shirt design and persuade craft-loving customers to buy.

9. Amira Beauty

Amira Beauty is a distinctive floral font with large curved tails on many of the letters. Inspired by the beauty of the Amira flower, this is an extremely elegant font, not only for T-shirts but for all your digital products.

10. Bistro

Sip your morning coffee while sporting a T-shirt written in Bistro, an outline font where each letter is enhanced with a bi-color interior. It's available in both serif and sans-serif styles, so you can experiment with a range of T-shirt designs to find the one that delivers the caffeine-like hit you're looking for.

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