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10 Earring SVG Designs for Gorgeous Gifts

10 Earring SVG Designs for Gorgeous Gifts

So I have a secret to tell you, I went through my analytics for Pinterest to see what you guys have been liking the most out of my past blog topics. Guess what came out near the top?!? Earrings (obviously) otherwise I wouldn't be writing and rounding up even more amazing earring designs for you.

I personally love a great earring design myself, so I'm here for this! All you need to make your own boutique earrings is some leather, faux or real, or some wood if you have a laser cutting machine, or possibly balsa wood! I know the Cricut Maker and Silhouette 4 will cut that material with their kraft blades. Here's the thing, though, don't attempt super intricate cuts on real leather or balsa wood using either machine. It's just not meant for that, unfortunately.

My dream is to own a Glowforge and then any of these designs would work beautifully. So if you are lucky enough to own one or something similar, then please make all the detailed designs for the rest of us.

Here are 10 different earring bundles filled with gorgeous designs for your crafting pleasure:

1. 1920's Inspired Earrings

Channel your inner flapper with this fun bundle of '20's inspired designs! These beautiful designs are a great throwback to classic styles that will elevate any outfit they are paired with.

2. Teardrop Earring Designs

Get your fill of teardrop style earring cut files with this bundle! With different file formats to choose from, you can pick which works best for you.

3. Faux Leather Earrings Bundle

This bundle of earring designs has 20 different options to mix and match for eye-catching leather earrings.

4. Mix and Match Earrings

If mixing and matching is your jam, then this bundle of geometric earring cut files would be perfect. Use faux leather for your project, or try a laser cutter like Glowforge.

5. 30 Earrings Bundle

Step outside the box with your creativity and try out these 30 earring designs for something different like wall decorations, adding to clothing, and more.

6. Leather and Wood Earrings

If you love variety, then this huge bundle of 48 earring designs will make you swoon! So many unique and stylish looks to use for various materials.

7. Sport Earrings

Sports fans will love this cut file for earring designs! Pick your favorite sport and wear it with pride.

8. Leather Earrings

These 12 unique earring designs each have 3 different layers you can combine or mix for a fun look.

9. Geometric Earrings

Geometric earring templates like these can be used with Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines, as well as other cutting machines that can read formats that are included in the listing. The earrings can be cut out of faux leather or wood. Also, you can use these templates for laser cut.

10. Earring SVG Templates

This listing is perfect for crafters and designers. Perfect for laser cut or cut machine faux leather earrings - the possibilities are endless!

There you have it, 10 earring designs that are ideal for DIY projects for yourself or as gifts!

You'll definitely want to pin this one for later!

10 earring SVG design bundles for gorgeous gifts or to sell. Leather or Wood earring designs

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