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A Few of Their Favorite Things Teacher Gift

Posted on 8th May 2018

Raise your hand if you have a kid in school right now.  The school year is nearing the end and all those hard working teachers have earned a treat.  Ask your kid's teacher what their favorite things are and compile a fun gift basket with those items.

When in doubt, gift cards are always the perfect solution.  As a daughter of a teacher, trust me when I say they don't want lotions or mugs.

I rewrote the classic "Favorite Things" song from The Sound of Music with lyrics geared towards teachers.   The font I used is Hot Mess from the Mighty Font Bundle.

Next, I added a fun wreath graphic from the Love to Craft bundle.

Scale it all to size and group the design together.

I decided to make this a 5" x 7" card size so I scaled it down further using the scale tool.

You're able to fit 2 prints onto an 8.5" x 11" sized sheet of paper if you rotate the designs.

I used some really pretty one-sided floral cardstock I bought at my local craft store and printed on the white side.  A paper trimmer makes quick work of cutting the sheet down into the 2 cards.

Then I used a hole punch to add a hole in the corner to attach the card with a ribbon to the gift.

Always being the type of student looking for extra credit, I colored in the leaves of the wreath with watercolor.  The trick is using as little water as possible so the ink doesn't run.  It matches the paper so well, doesn't it?!?

Fill a basket with all of their favorite goodies and attach the card to the handle.

I asked his teacher for her favorite plant, treat, store, and drink and then gathered all the goodies.

I also got a gift card for the teacher's aide who helps out with all of the classes, she works just as hard as the teachers and helps keep things running smooth.

I'm actually looking forward to the break from the early morning craziness of rushing around getting 2 kids ready and out the door.  I'm not a morning person in the slightest!    Are you looking forward to the summer break too?


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