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Create your own Adult Colouring Book

Posted on 24th August 2016

Adult colouring books are really popular right now, but can become quite addictive and to be honest can be quite expensive.

If you have the right design files you can actually make your own colouing in books quite easy.

Not only for yourself but even for gifts to friends.

Today I will show you how to create your own colouring book using the new Design bundle from

You will need the following-
Design bundle from (sacred symbols file/ Southampton font)
Silhouette studio (or Cricut design space)
Paper/ Card stock

1- Open up Silhouette Studio. In design page settings select your paper size. In my case it is A4.


2- Select the registration mark settings and set the registration marks.


3-Open up your files in silhouette and pic the png file you would like to use in your colouring in book.


4- Once the image is opened into your design space, adjust the size. to fit on your screen.


5- Create a rectangle around your image, making sure that you keep within the registration marks.


6-  Draw a straight line across the rectangle and add a perforation by selecting it in line styles.


7- Re adjust your image to fit within the rectangle.


8- Copy and paste your image to fill the rectangle area.


9- Repeat the above steps with different images.





10- create a back page without a perforation and free of images. This will be cut in card.


11- Create a front page. I used the Southampton font .


12- Add an image also onto your front page.


13- Highlight the text and in the cut settings select no cut. This is so we do not cut the text after printing.


14- Print all your colouring pages. Ensure you print the front cover in card stock. Cut the back cover in card stock also.


15- One by one cut the pages with the Silhouette.


16- Once all your pages are cut assemble the colouring book.


17- Staple the colouring book.


18-  As you can see the perforation creates a neat fold for your colouring book and it also doubles to make it easy to remove  page if you need too.



19- You can now colour to your hearts content.!


There are a lot of files in the Design bundle you can use to make many different colouring books.

Once you have your files made you can save them and print when ever you need.

You will save a bunch by creating your own rather than buying adult colouring in books.

Until next time...

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