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Customize Your Own Beach Towel

Customize Your Own Beach Towel

I'm going to keep making summer accessories in hopes that mother nature takes the hint and brings the warm weather consistently our way. Snow showers in April are just wrong. Wrong I say!!

I'm making a custom beach towel for my current pretend trip to the beach. Would you like to join me on this adventure?

The Supply List:

  • Beach Towel
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (I used a few colors)
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Electronic Cutting Machine (I use a CAMEO 3)

Open up Silhouette Studio and use the merge tool to open your cut file. I'm using a file from the Summer Vibes bundle in The Little Craft Bundle.

I'm going to be using 4 different colors of heat transfer so I need to break the design apart using ungroup.

Next, I recolored the sections of the design with colors similar to the ones I picked. I like to visually see the design first.

Now separate the different sections of the design to be cut. "Resting face" was grouped together in the design but I chose to make it two different colors. Since they have a gap it was easy just to reveal the cutting mat grid so I knew where to place the pieces of vinyl on the mat.

Since this is a heat transfer project you'll need to mirror the image so it cuts properly.

Now you're ready to send it to be cut!

Don't forget to turn on the cut lines.

Place the heat transfer on the cutting mat and send it to be cut.(Don't forget to test cut!)

Repeat that process for the rest of the design sections and then weed out the extra material.

Line the vinyl up on your towel and press it or iron it on.

Repeat that for each color.

You know you have a good press when you can see the fiber marks through the heat transfer material.

Now step back and admire your work!

Now let's head to the beach with our amazing new towel!

Can you feel the imaginary sun on your skin? I love the shimmer of the metallic colors.

Last one!

Ok, I've done my part to help encourage the warm weather. You all need to do yours-so go make some custom summer accessories and bring on summer.

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