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DIY Wood Plant Stand with Cactus Pun

DIY Wood Plant Stand with Cactus Pun

Who doesn't love a good pun?!?Have you seen the adorable cactus love graphics in the Wonderful Graphics bundle?

I have a slight obsession with cactus and succulents right now, maybe it's because the real plants are hard to kill. I still tend to stick with the faux variety since they meet the level of maintenance I can handle.

I have seen the stores selling the simple wood plant stands lately too but they were a bit too expensive to be worth the investment, especially when the DIY gene is strong. They sell the wood needed a few aisles over and it's a fraction of the cost.

The Supply List:

I'm using a phrase from the cactus love, open it up in Silhouette Studio.

Trace the image using the trace tool. I found making the threshold 72 was perfect for tracing this image, click "trace".

Slide away the original image and delete the graphic.

I wanted the words to stack instead of being horizontal, so release the compound path.

Group the words back together so you don't accidentally move parts around.

Stack the words and use the align tool to center them perfectly.

Now I'm going to show you a feature that's only available if you have an upgraded version of Silhouette Studio. There is a new feature called the warp feature. You can input the exact size of your pot and it will automatically adjust the file to properly wrap the circumference of your surface.

Hit apply and now you're good to group it all together. Go ahead and send it to be cut.

Weed out the extra material and apply transfer tape on top.

Apply the vinyl on top of the pot and slowly peel the transfer tape off.

Measure the circumference of your pot so you know how wide you need to make the stand.

Now let's build the wood stand! Take your wood dowels and cut the center sections to be slightly larger than the circumference. Mark the lines with a pencil.

Find the center of the sections you just measured and draw the sections you need to cut away so they can form a flush "X" for the pot to rest on.

Cut down the sections of wood using your miter saw (or hand saw!)

I used my scroll saw to cut out the center portions.

Now lay out the sections, I used my cutting mat so I had perfect lines to use.

I used my hot glue gun to attach the wood together. You could use a nail gun or screws if you wanted it to be really secure.

Glue the two sections together and you've got yourself a handy wood stand!

Place the pot on your stand and you're done!

I bought some picks at my local hobby store and stuck them in floral foam then covered the top with rocks to create my cactus arrangement.

Your plant arrangements are going to be so adorable!

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