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Frosted Vinyl Jar Label

Frosted Vinyl Jar Label

I love the etched glass look, but its so messy, and the slightest mistake with it can ruin a project.

I was having a look on some websites that sell vinyl and I saw some frosted finish vinyl, so I decided to give it a try, and the result was great! No messing about with etching cream, just simple cut and stick. The frosted vinyl was not the cheapest, but I have also saw that Silhouette sell a frosted vinyl too which costs less.

Today I will share with you how to use the frosted vinyl on glass.

To make this glass jar with frosted vinyl label you will need the following-
Frosted vinyl- I used the Silhouette brand
Glass Jar
Summer Sale Bundle- Rosaline font
Cricut explore air electronic die cutting machine.(or other electronic machine)
(also handmade butter biscuits and tartan ribbon)

1- Open up Cricut Design Space. Type what you would like your label to read.

2-  Select Edit and change your font to Rosaline.

3- Type the rest of your text that is needed in the same font.

4-  We now need to add the glyphs on the text. To do this we need to open up Character Maps (font book on MAC), select the font you are using.

Once selected, go to the "group by" drop down box and select " Unicode Sub range" This will open up another window. In this new window, scroll to the end and select "private use characters". This will now bring up any glyphs for the particular font you selected.

Find the Glyph you would like and click on it. Press the select button, then the copy button. this will copy the glyph for you.

5- Paste the glyph in your text, replacing the letter you are changing.

6- Repeat the above 2 steps on the rest of your text to change the letters you require.

7- Select all of the text.

8- Select ungroup to separate all your letters.

9-  Move each letter to touch each other.

10- Highlight one word at a time and use the weld function to join your letters.

11- Once all welded, adjust where they sit in relation to each other, and highlight them all.

12- Adjust the size to fit your glass jar and then group.

13-  Once grouped, you will need to select "attach". By doing this your cut file will stay together when going to the Cricut go button and cutting.

14- make some biscuits to fill your jar :)

15- Place your vinyl on your mat and follow the instruction on your Cricut design space to cut. It is good to note that the silhouette brand frosted vinyl was thicker than regular vinyl so I had to use the setting above vinyl to cut. When I cut with the vinyl setting the label did not completely cut.

16- Once cut remove off the mat and weed the design.

17- When it is completely weeded apply some transfer tape over the vinyl.

18-Rub the transfer tape over the vinyl well, then slowly peel back so the vinyl adheres to the transfer tape.

19-Make sure your jar is perfectly clean before adhering your vinyl. I tend to use glass cleaner.

Line up your label onto your jar and rub on well.

20- Slowly peel off the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl on the jar.

21- Once peeled off, rub your finger over the vinyl to ensure it is attached firmly.

22- Feel with your biscuits, and add some ribbon.

The final effect of the frosted vinyl looks similar to etching cream with out all the hassle. I cut this file really thin and at some points it was only 1-2mm thick, but the vinyl cut perfectly, even that thin.

When making this type of label for things like glass jars etc, you don't need to use frosted vinyl, any colour will look equally great and you can even colour match your kitchen.

Until next time........

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