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How to Customize Your Phone Accessories

How to Customize Your Phone Accessories

My husband recently went to an industry trade show and came home with a bag full of goodies. It's like the adult version of trick-or-treating!

I like to go through and see what fun items I can steal for myself and this year it was a PopSocket for the back of my phone.

Of course I can't leave it the way it currently looks with some logo on it, what fun is that? I tried removing the ink with nail polish remover but that didn't budge it in the slightest. It does come apart though so I decided to throw some heat transfer material on it and pop it in the heat press.

This is how the PopSocket looked originally, boring!

The Supply List:

  • PopSocket
  • Heat Transfer Material (I used glitter and smooth)
  • Heat press or Iron
  • Electronic cutting machine (I used a Silhouette CAMEO 3)

First, let's design something fun for the back! Right now there is a really great monogram bundle available so I wanted to use one for this project.

I measured the PopSocket it's about 1.5" diameter so I started by drawing a circle and cut it out of the glitter heat transfer material to use as my base (and to cover up the logo).

This PopSocket comes apart so I was able to take off the white top portion.

I popped it in the heat press for a few seconds to attach it to the plastic.

It attached beautifully but you can still faintly see the logo a bit. Not a problem though since we still need to add the monogram.

I'm using a mandala monogram and a hand-lettered monogram font.

Merge the mandala SVG into the design and scale it to fit the circle.

The monogram font is an actual font so use the text tool to write out your letter.

Scale it all to fit and center it in the circle using the transform tool.

This is a heat transfer project so we need to flip the design horizontally since you cut on the back of the material.

Finally send it to be cut! This is an SVG file so you simply just need to turn the cut lines on.

Go ahead and cut it out of the smooth heat transfer material.

Carefully weed the excess material away and press it on top of the glitter.

Ta-Da! Now you have a custom monogrammed phone accessory to add some bling to your life.

Re-attach the top portion of the PopSocket to the base and stick it onto your phone.

I'm actually enjoying having a little handle on the back of my phone now. It took a day to get used to it but now it's hard to imagine my phone without it.

Are you going to add some (functional) bling to your phone now?!?This is a great scrap material project too since it's so small.

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