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How to Make a Cute Keychain for your Purse

How to Make a Cute Keychain for your Purse

Summer is just around the corner, right?!Maybe for some of us it feels like it will never arrive, but it will be here eventually. Or maybe you're off to a tropical vacation soon (or you're super lucky and live there year round-I'm not jealous at all, I swear!)

Warmer weather means cute dresses and cute dresses need great accessories like clutches. Right now the stores are stocking their shelves with adorable purses ripe for the picking.

How about adding a custom keychain to that fun clutch to really take it up a notch? I'll show you how simple it is!

The Supply List:

Start by opening the pineapple cut file from your library. Simply double-click its photo to have it automatically open.

This file is both a compound path and grouped. We only want the pineapple shape so first, release the compound path.

Next, ungroup it too.

Now you're good to separate the two designs from each other. You can delete the word portion, we aren't using it at all for this project.

The duct tape material is printable, so let's add a colorful background to the pineapple shape. Click on the fill tool and it's the one that looks like a paint palette. The image with the dots is the fill pattern tool, we want that. Scroll through and find the pattern you like. I'm using this pattern by Angie Makes.

Let's add our own special message now! I used Girl Friday from the Best Sellers Bundle Vol. V.I reduced the line spacing for this so it was closer together.

Fill the words with the color of your choice, we are printing it so it does matter. I used the eyedropper tool to select the dark blue color from the pattern.

I wanted to add a fun drop shadow to accent the words. The offset tool is handy for doing that. Use a really small offset size like 0.03 to make it slightly larger than the font.

Pull the text away and group together the offset words.

Fill the offset words with white, again we're printing this so you need to add colors for it to show up.(I made the outline darker so we can see it on the white background)

Now move the blue text in front of the white offset. Simply have it shifted to the top left corner of the offset to create the drop shadow look.

Once you love it, group it together.

Move the text to the center of your pineapple tag and center align it.

Group it all together again so you can adjust the scale and location as needed without accidentally moving parts around.

I want my tag to be double sided so I copied it and flipped one horizontally (so they fit back to back).We don't need the words on the backside so ungroup it and move them to the side.

This is a print and cut project so don't forget to add your registration marks in the page setup tab.

I added a second set for backup purposes! Sometimes I ruin one while making them, lol, plus there's plenty of room on the sheet. I can always make an extra one for a friend.

Print out the design on the duct tape sheet

We only want the edge to cut so for the pineapples with the words, select the cut edge option so it doesn't cut the words. Attach the paper to your cutting mat and send it to be cut.

Finally, cut one more pineapple shape out of chipboard. We're going to stick the duct tape sheets to each side so it's stiff.

Here are all the pieces! Stick the duct tape stickers on each side of the chipboard, take your time getting them aligned right. I love how vibrant the colors print!!

Using the eyelet setting tools, punch a hole into the tag.

It cut through very easily! Now you have the perfect size hole for the eyelet.

Drop the eyelet into the hole with the finished side facing out.

Flip it over onto your cutting mat and use the other eyelet tool to attach the tag. Use the hammer to smash it down.(remember the finished side is the one facing down on the mat right now)


Now let's add the chain so you can attach it to your clutch zipper.

Just cut a short piece of jewelry chain and attach the lobster clasp. You're essentially making a loop.

All done!!

Attach it to your clutch now!

I just love how bright and festive this is! It will be adorable paired with a summer dress while walking on the beach. At least that's where I'll be pretending to be walking for right now as I carry it around the house.

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