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How to Make a Freezer Paper Stenciled T Shirt

How to Make a Freezer Paper Stenciled T Shirt

I'll start this blog post with a confession. I've had freezer paper in my craft room for YEARS! It's been on my to-do list for awhile but for some unknown reason always pushed to the bottom of my list.

Well, I can check that item off my list now and I'll definitely be adding this to my favorite products list. I'm really regretting not using it sooner!!So don't be like me and go buy this amazing product and start using it right away!!

I'll show you how because I'm a nice person like that. :)

The Supply List:

I'm using an SVG file from the Love to Craft Bundle Volume 2. To open it select the file drop-down menu in the top left corner and select merge. Find your file and click "ok".

Next, resize the design to fit your shirt. I'm making my2-year-old son a shirt so I needed to make it fairly small.

There's one lesson I learned from working with freezer paper, you need to cut on it with the wax side up otherwise it tears easily. Pretend like this is any other heat transfer design and flip it horizontally.

Make sure the cut lines are turned on and adjust your cut settings. I went with the presets for copy paper but slowed the speed down to 1.

Gather all of your items together and tear off a section of freezer paper.

I used scissors to cut a square down to size to fit the cutting mat but made it large enough to have plenty of white space around the design.

Load it into your machine and send the file to be cut.

Perfectly cut with no tears!!I wasted about 3 sheets before figuring that out.

This is the trickiest part! Use a spatula tool to gently peel off the largest portion of the design. Remember this is fragile paper so treat it as such.

Take your shirt over to the heat press or ironing board.

First, press your shirt to get out any wrinkles, then lay the freezer paper on top of the shirt where you want the design to lay.

I use a little piece of foam under the shirt in my heat press to act as a pressing pillow. Press the paper for a few seconds in your machine. I used the same heat setting as when I press regular heat transfer.

Now go back to your cutting mat with some tweezers and place the centers on the shirt. Patience is required for this part! Once everything is on, give it another quick press to seal them onto the shirt as well.

To prepare the shirt to be painted, place a couple sheets of thick paper or cardboard inside the shirt to prevent it from bleeding through.

Squeeze some fabric paint onto a tray or plate and use the brush to dab it over the design.

I recommend using an up and down motion and dabbing off the extra paint before taking it to the shirt.

Let the paint dry then pull off the freezer paper stencil. It should peel off very easily! Use tweezers to get the center sections off.

Perfect crisp lines!! Once the paint is fully dry take it back to the heat press or iron and press it for about 15 seconds to heat-set the paint. Now you essentially have a screen printed shirt safe for the washing machine.

I had to take my adorable model to the amazing walking trail down the street from our house for a photo shoot.

His brother had to come on the adventure too! Perks of living in a state as beautiful as Colorado! Hiking trails 1 minute down the street from our house complete with gorgeous mountain views.

It's been super hot here so the view is a little hazy, I love that you can see all of the layers in shades when it's like that.

So get out there for your own adventures and make yourself an awesome shirt too!!I went to work on a better method for applying freezer paper for you too! Stay tuned!!

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