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How to make a split monogram using Cricut

How to make a split monogram using Cricut

Figuring out how to create a split monogram has been a new learning curve for me.

To create one that has flourishes and looks ornate, regular fonts just don't cut it.You need fancy text.

Lots of fonts at Fontbundles.net come with fancy glyphs included in the price. These are easy to access with Character map on a PC and Font Book on Mac. So with this in mind, I downloaded the new Majestic Bundle. There are some amazing fonts! Just the right thing to give monograms another go!

Split monogram drinks bottle

Split Monogram Tutorial.

You will need-
Majestic Bundle- Youngheart font
Transfer Tape
Metal drink bottle
Electronic Die cutting machine - Cricut Explore air
Rubbing alcohol/paper towel

1- Open up a new blank project in Cricut Design Space. Click on the text icon and type the letter you would like to monogram.


2- While the letter is still selected, click on edit in the right column, then select the font you would like to use. I am using Youngheart from the  Majestic Bundle.


3- We now need to change the letter to a ornate glyph. To do this we need to open up the Character Map program,(font book in Mac) and then in the drop down box select the font we are using, youngheart.

Once selected, go to the "group by" drop down box and select " Unicode Sub range" This will open up another window. In this new window, scroll to the end and select "private use characters". This will now bring up any glyphs for the particular font you selected.

Find the Glyph you would like and click on it. Press the select button, then the copy button. this will copy the glyph for you.


4- Click back onto the design space. Double click on your letter. the text box will appear. Highlight the letter you would like to change to a glyph. Press ctrl V to paste it into the text box. A little square will appear. this is ok. You will see the glyph has appeared where your letter was before.

You have now successfully inserted a glyph into Cricut Design Space.


5- We now need to create the split across the letter so we can insert the word at the end.

To do this we need to create 2 rectangles, so click on the shape icon and then select square.


6-  Create a square, unlock the shape by clicking on the little lock icon on the square and reshape to a long thin rectangle. Copy and paste the rectangle to replicate it.


7- Layer one of the rectangle across the middle of your letter. adjust the size and shape so it looks balanced.


8- Once you have the rectangle where you want it, select the letter and the rectangle together. in the right top column select weld. This will make the rectangle and the letter become one shape.


9- Take the second rectangle and layer over the rectangle you welded to the letter. Select arrange in the icons and send the rectangle forward to is it on top of the letter not behind.


10- Align the rectangle so it is slightly longer and thinner than the welded rectangle. This will be what is cut out of your monogram.


11- Click select all. then select the Slice icon in the right column.


12- Once the letter has been sliced you can pull away the unwanted parts of the rectangle and middle of the letter you have sliced away. These can be deleted.Your split monogram is now finished. You can add text in the middle at this point.


But what if the gap in the monogram does not fit the font you require?? Follow the steps below on how to now adjust for different sized fonts.

13-  Using the shape icon insert a square.


14- Adjust the square by unlocking it and changing the size to fit completely over the bottom half of your split monogram.


15- Select both the rectangle and the monogram. then click on the slice icon in the right column.


16- Once sliced you can move the bottom half of your monogram from the top of your monogram. Delete the rectangle and any other parts that you do not need.


17- Align the top with the bottom parts of the monogram. you can now change the width of the gap to write your text. To ensure that they are in fact aligned, go to edit in the right column and ensure both top and bottoms X axis are the same (circled in red in the picture)


18- Now to add your text. Click on the text icon and write your text. ensure the font you would like is selected. I am using Youngheart font.


19- Align the text where you would like it. if you need to adjust the width of the split you can do it now to fit the text.


20- Finally group all 3 parts together using the group icon, and then in the right column select attach. This will ensure when you cut the design you have created will stay in place when you go to cut.


21- Select the Cricut go button, your layout and cut area will appear.Click on the Go button in the bottom right corner.


22- Follow the prompts on the screen.


23- Set your dial to vinyl.


24- Load your mat with the vinyl on it. Make sure you push the mat under the guides and all the way it it touches the rollers.


25- Press the arrow button to feed the mat into the Cricut machine.


26- Once fed in you can click on the Cricut cut button.


27- When it has finished cutting, remove mat, and pull vinyl off the mat. Trim to a more manageable size to weed.


28- Weed the vinyl.


29- Place transfer tape over the design. rub on well with a spatula/scraper tool.


30- Carefully and slowly remove the vinyl backing, revealing the vinyl on the transfer paper ready to apply to your drink bottle.



31- Clean your drink bottle with some rubbing alcohol to ensure there is no dirt or residue and the vinyl will adhere well.

Place the transfer tape with the vinyl on it,onto your bottle. rub well on.


32- Once rubbed on well, slowly remove the transfer tape.


And there you have it! A monogrammed drink bottle!!!!


This technique is quick and simple to execute on the Cricut design space software. Having fantastic glyphs from amazing font bundles like the  Majestic Bundle makes it that much more professional and easy to do!

Monograms can be used for so many different gifts and now you know how to do it with your electric die cutting machine, you can whip up the most amazing gifts in just a few mins!!!

Don't forget to check out some of the other great bundles at Fontbundles.net

Until next time.....


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