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How to Make a Treat Tray for Santa

How to Make a Treat Tray for Santa

Let's keep the festive crafts coming! We can't forget about some of the most important stars of the season, Santa and his reindeer!

A big pet peeve of mine is seeing people use vinyl on plates for food, vinyl isn't food safe. Don't worry I have an easy and affordable workaround.

All you need is a pizza tray and clear glass plate from the Dollar Store and of course, some adorable fonts!

The Supplies Needed:

To get started, create your design in Silhouette Studio. I first drew the circle to represent the outer glass plate. Draw an ellipse and hold the shift key down to make it a circle. Next, go to the scale tool to size it.

Write your phrase, I'm using the font Snowty3 from the Crafters Delight Vol. 2 Bundle.

You'll need to draw a second smaller circle and then wrap the text around the curve. Click for the full tutorial on how to do this.

I wanted to layer the vinyl for this font so the snow is white vinyl layered on top of the words.

To create the separates now pattern you'll need to duplicate the design then release the compound path.

You'll also need to ungroup the design to fully break apart the separate pieces.

I changed the color fill to white and the lines to black so it was easy to see the separation. Now delete the word sections leaving the "snow" portions only.

Group the snow pieces back together so it's one cut file. Leave this to the side so you can cut it from the white vinyl when you're ready to cut.

Now write the other phrase for the reindeer. I used another font from the Crafters Delight Vol. 2 called Reindeer Goals.

I just copied the 'C' and 'R' and released the path again to get the "nose" sections.

Now send each portion to be cut in the color vinyl you want. I used 4 different colors total. Dark teal for the cookies font, white for the snow, light teal for the carrots, and hot pink for the noses.

Weed the vinyl and set it aside. You'll want a piece of transfer tape to fit the larger vinyl portions. You can use the same piece for all 3 designs. Go ahead and place the transfer tape over the "cookies for santa".

To prep the tray for adding the vinyl I laid the glass plate over top and used little pieces of washi tape to mark the edges. I want to keep the design to the outside portion of the plate.

Lay the "cookies" vinyl on the tray and make sure it's just outside your washi tape marks.

Once you're all lined up properly, use your scraper tool to firmly adhere the vinyl to the pizza tray. You'll need to carefully remove the transfer tape making sure the pieces stick and you pull it up.

Repeat the process for the "carrots" words. I used 2 rulers overlapped to make sure it was properly spaced.

Now you can attach that transfer tape over the white snow. I cut the three word sections apart so it was easier to overlay on top.

Once everything is adhered to the tray, add the glass plate on top and fill with treats!

Now you have a food-safe way to have a festive plate for Santa and his reindeer! Plus you can use the glass plate for other occasions too.

Enjoy your treats!!

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