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How to Make Alcohol Ink Canvas Clipboard Frames

Posted on 12th March 2018

Have you heard about alcohol inks before?  I recently discovered this new crafting medium and wanted to experiment a bit with them.

I know that you can place them on printable vinyl to make your own fun patterns but I wanted to see if it would work on canvas.

Guess what?  It did!!  You just need to prep the surface first.

The Supply List:

First, you need to paint on a thick layer of Mod Podge to your canvas.

I'm using 4 colors of ink and some rubbing alcohol.  The straw is to get the alcohol out of the bottle acting as a dropper.  You can also blow through the straw on your ink drips to move it around.

Once the mod podge is dry, start placing some drops of ink on your canvas.  I played around and did some ink drops first then a drop of rubbing alcohol on top and vice versa.  It didn't seem to matter for it to work it just changed the way the color spread.

Just keep going and adding colors.  I had fun spreading the colors by blowing through the straw.

Then I added some drops of blue to the mix.  Seriously just let loose and have fun.  There are no rules when it comes to art!!

Here's where I stopped adding colors.  I actually started thinking I put too much color on so I took it to the sink and attempted to rinse some off.

This is the final result!  Not much rinsed off as you can see but I am super happy with the colors.

I chose to make this a horizontal frame so I found the center about 1" down from the top and placed a mark there.

I used a drop of hot glue to attach my clip to the canvas board.

I made a second board using only 2 colors this time and left more white space.  I made this a vertical frame.

Now let's print some art for these fun frames!!

I'm simply using some hand-lettered Easter quotes from the Crafters Delight Volume 3 bundle.

Open them in your software.

Scale the design to fit your page size.

Then make sure it's centered on the page.

Hit print!

Use your paper trimmer to cut the paper down to size.

Now just clip the paper into your fabulous new clipboard frame!  Wah-la!!  Adorable art for Easter.

You can change out the art inside anytime!  These would be fun to make a grouping of and place your children's art creations inside.  Make an art gallery wall!

I'm officially addicted to playing with alcohol inks now!  Go buy some and start playing yourself.

Here's a Pinterest graphic to save for later.

How to make alcohol ink canvas clipboard frames


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