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How to Make Faux Leather and Wood Earrings

How to Make Faux Leather and Wood Earrings

Do you love jewelry? Of course you do! Do you know what's better than new jewelry? Knowing that you made it yourself, craft therapy AND new accessories all rolled into one.

Even better, this is a fairly simple project, all you need are the materials, a few jewelry making supplies, and an electronic cutting machine. Let's not forget the most important part, the awesome cut file from the Love to Craft bundle.

The Supply List:

First, open the design file in Silhouette Studio. Make sure the select the SVG version because it's all ready pre-set for cutting.

It will open all 24 earring designs as one big file.

To separate the designs you'll need to ungroup them. Right-click to pull up the shortcut menu.

After choosing which earring set you want to make, pull them into the design space and scale it to your preferred size.

Because you're making 2 earrings you'll need to copy the design twice. Now it's time to get ready to cut them out.

Since you're using 2 different materials you should cut them out separately.

Adjust the cut settings for the material you're using. I made the backer material the leatherette.

I always trim down my material to size first, a paper trimmer makes quick work of it.

First, do a test cut if you've never cut this material before. Make sure it cuts cleanly before potentially ruining that precious leatherette.

I found the preset cut settings worked fine and sent it to be cut.

Perfect earring cuts!

Now let's cut the wood portion. Again, adjust the cut settings for the material.

Trim the material down to size.

Do that ever important test cut! As you can see my first one didn't go so well! I had to increase the force to get a clean cut.(the screenshot above shows the working settings)

Now carefully peel the wood portion away from the backing and attach it to the leatherette material. I ruined one not being delicate enough, don't be like me!

Look at that! Earring base complete.

Grab those earring making supplies.

I found taking a pin first and poking through the holes at the top made it easier to work with when adding the jump ring.

You'll need to take the 2 plier type tools and bend the jump ring open.

Now attach the jump ring to the earring and the earring hook. I actually ended up adding a jump ring to the jump ring then the earring hook. It allowed better movement.

Use the pliers to close the jump ring again, make sure it's nice and tight.

I also ended up cutting another set of leatherette material and glued it to the back so both sides were finished, it's up to you if you want to do that part.

Look at those gorgeous new earrings for your collection!!

You never have to worry about finding the perfect earrings again at the store, make them yourself!!!

You can now add jeweler to your resume as well!!Think about how many great gifts you can make for friends and family, or for your bridesmaids!

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