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How To Make Planner Stickers

How To Make Planner Stickers

Planners are very popular at the moment. There are so many different types of planners on the market, and trying to find the right stickers to use on your planner to keep you up to date with your daily life can be tricky. With different size stickers, colours and designs, wouldn't it better if we could just make our own to suit our own planner needs?

Well we can! With a electronic die cutting machine, sticker paper, a printer and a great font, you too can make planner stickers, just like the professional ones.

Planner Stickers

For this tutorial you will making a Print and Cut file. You will need the following-

Dreams Liem

Electronic Die Cutting Machine - Silhouette Cameo


Blank sticker paper - Avery A4 white blank sheets

1- Open up your Silhouette Design Studio software. Go to the design page settings and select A4 to match your sticker paper.

Open Silhouette Design

2- Select registration marks icon and select style 1 this will place 3 black marks on your page, and some cross hatch. When designing your print and cut file you will need to ensure that you do not put any cut lines over this area, anything in the hatched area will not cut when you run it through the silhouette.

Select registration marks icon

3- Measure your planner page, and the boxes for each day. This will give you a accurate idea of what size to make your planner stickers. My planner had 30mm x 30mm boxes, so I have decided to make my stickers 30mm x 10 mm. With the rounded rectangle too draw a rectangle 30mm x 10 mm.

Measure your planner page

4- Once you have your rectangle, create a 2mm offset. While the offset is highlighted change the line colour, then it is easy to see what needs to be cut and what does not.

The offset is highlighted

5- Select cut settings and while the offset is highlighted click no cut. this will ensure when you do the cut part of your print and cut, the offset will not cut but the planner sticker will.

The main reason we create an offset for print and cuts where we can, is when the machine cuts, if it is not 100% on center you will not end up with white edges.

Select cut settings

6 - Highlight both your planner sticker and offset. Group then fill with a colour.

Highlight your planner sticker

7 - Using the Dreams Liem font, Type the word you would like on your planner sicker.

Type the word you would like into the sticker

8 - Ungroup the word. We need to do this so we can remove the letter "A" and replaces it with a Glyph.

Ungroup the word

9 - To access the Glyphs, open your Character Map tool. Select the font you are using. Once the font is selected, click on the "group by" drop down box. Select Unicode sub-range. A separate box will appear. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select "private use characters" This will now access your glyphs and they will appear in the character maps box. Double click on the glyph you would like to use and then select "copy"

Access glyphs using Character Map

10- Right click on your page and click Ctrl V. This will paste the Glyph on your page. (if for any reason the glyph does not appear and a box appears, highlight the box and re select the font used. this will convert it to the glyph.)

Copy and paste the glyph

11- Delete the regular letter "A "and replace with the glyph. Select all of the letters apart from the glyph. Click weld to join all the letters. Line up the welded word with the glyph and group.

Delete the regular a

12 - Fill the word with white, so the word shows up on the planner sticker.

Fill up the word with white

13 - While the word is selected, click cut settings and then "no cut" this will then stop it from cutting when you run it through the silhouette machine.

Select No Cut

14 - Resize and place on your planner sticker.

Resize and place text on sticker

15 - With the replicate tool, copy the planner sticker till you have the number you would like.

Replicate as many as you would like

16 - Repeat the above steps to create different coloured and worded stickers, until you have enough you need.

Repeat above steps

17- Once you are ready, print your file on to the sticker paper. You will see that there will be a black box in the top left corner and other marks in the top right and bottom left corners. These are so the silhouette machine can register your print and cut file.

Print the stickers

Stickers printed

18- At this point place your sticker sheet on your cutting mat. There are several points you need to ensure when you are about to cut your file.

* Make sure when you printed the file it was printed straight.

* Ensure you lay the sticker paper straight on the cutting mat.

* Ensure that your silhouette is in a well lit area, as the machine will not detect the registration marks if it is not well lit.

 Select the correct settings to kiss cut the sticker paper and cut.

Place stickers on cutting mat

19- Once they are cut, remove the sheet off your cutting mat. Your stickers are now complete and ready to be used in your planner.

Remove the cutting mat

The planner

Planner angle 2

Sticker Planner Finish

These planner stickers can be made in any side and colour. You could even add more glyphs from your fonts or images. 

The Dreams Liem font was perfect for my planner.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will try making stickers of your own. 

Until next time....

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