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How to Make Some Super Kid's Room Art

Posted on 1st April 2018

I don't know about you...but I'm lucky to be a mom to a real superhero!!  My son's "real" name is Batman.  If you don't believe me, you'll have to ask him yourself.  He tells everyone we meet that it's his true identity.

Now that he's also becoming a grown-up (his words, not mine!) I figured a real superhero needs a room to match.  So imagine my excitement when I saw that this cut file was in the Crafter's Delight Bundle Vol. 3.

I love simple yet absolutely perfect craft projects for what you're looking for!

The Supply List:

Let's start by opening the design in Silhouette Studio.

Bring it in and scale it to size.  I'm making an 8" x 10" print.  To be able to change the colors you'll need to ungroup it.

Each design element is actually a compound path, so you'll need to release them in order to change each element.

If you aren't familiar with compound paths, you might get nervous when the image changes to look like this.  Don't panic!

Simply select the mask portions alone and make it a compound path again.

Boom!  You're back in business.  Now you're free to color the sections as you wish.

Once you've colored it in and you're happy, go ahead and group it all back together so you don't risk moving it around accidentally.

I turned off the color around the edges by changing the line color to transparent.  (the white and gray hatched image next to the eyedropper)

Send that work of art to be printed!  Don't forget to make sure that you have the best print settings too.

Paper quality does make a difference, I linked my favorite paper above in case you are curious.

So gather some of your favorite superheroes for story time with this fun new piece of art for the reading nook.

All that's left is to add a frame and hang it on the wall.

Go ahead and make one for the hero in your life too!

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