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How to Make Your Own Easter Egg Plates

How to Make Your Own Easter Egg Plates

Easter is just a few short weeks away and I happened to find some cute egg-shaped plates in my craft supply stock. I had forgotten my Mom had bought them for me last year.(hoarder problems, I know!)

I wanted to add something fun to the basic plates to make them even more festive. Lucky for me there is the Magical Monogram Bundle out right now with some cute bunny monograms.

The Supply List:

These are the plain egg-shaped plates that I'm about to turn into something more decorative with the magic of vinyl.

Ok, let's pick the 2 bunny monograms to use for this project! I don't like that my computer doesn't give me a preview of the SVG files, so I opened them all up and labeled them here for you.(you're welcome! :)

I chose 1 and 4 since they seemed to coordinate without being girly, things I have to compromise on since I'm the only female in the house.

Instead of making them into monograms, I chose to use 3 letter words.

I'm using the Puckery Tart font from the Crafter's Delight Bundle Vol. 3

If you've upgraded to the V4 of Silhouette Studio you may be wondering where the transfer properties tool went. It's the little eyedropper in the bottom left corner.

If you're unfamiliar with it, it will transfer the same properties of one item to another, aka a shortcut once you have one designed the way you like.

Scale and center the words into the monogram circles.

We're ready to send them to be cut now!

As you can see when you originally go to the send panel the cut lines for the SVG file aren't showing up.

There's a super easy fix, simply click on the designs and select "cut" to have the entire design cut.

Once you update the blade in the machine for the right depth, go ahead and send the design to be cut.

Weed away the extra vinyl leaving the design only on the backer paper. Look how cute those bunny faces are!!

A trick for attaching the transfer tape without wrinkles is to place the tape down on the table sticky side up and then gently lay the vinyl face down on top. Next, use the scraper tool to firmly adhere the vinyl to the tape.

Now let's prep the plates for the vinyl. Add some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and clean the surface of the plates. That cleans off any residue or oils that will prevent the adhesive from sticking well.

Gently place the tape on top of the plate and center it.

Once you're confident on the placement, take your scraper tool and firmly attach it down.

Repeat the process with your other plate too. The best way to remove transfer tape is to start at a corner and pull down at an angle.

What a cute little decorative set this makes!!

These will be adorable to set out on your coffee table or sideboard for Easter.

Because vinyl isn't food safe I don't recommend using these plates for food, just décor.

Now we've turned some inexpensive plain plates into something really festive and unique!

Happy Easter everyone!!

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