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How to Make Your Own Letterboard Letters

How to Make Your Own Letterboard Letters

If you go on Instagram or Pinterest you'll see that letterboard signs are a popular trend right now. They are definitely a fun item to have for special occasions or as everchanging home décor.

The only thing I don't like is that you have to buy lots of letters and there is a very limited selection.

Don't worry, I've come up with a way for you to make your own letters using items you probably already own.

The Supply List:

This is going to be a print and cut project so you'll need to turn on your registration marks and make sure the paper size is set to 8.5" x 11"

Type out your message in the font of your choice. I'm using Elderflower from the Splendid Design Bundle volume 2.

Let's really go wild and fill the words with a pattern! I wanted a watercolor look so I used a floral watercolor paper from the Silhouette Store.

If you click on the advanced options tab at the bottom you'll see that you can change the scale of the pattern and pan it around.

Once you're happy with everything, weld the words together so it cuts properly as a single object.

Print it onto the heavy cardstock and make sure to set it to print at the best settings.

Set up your cut settings and send the design to be cut.

While that cuts, prep your plastic card pieces.

Using scissors cut the card into 1/4" strips.

Then cut the strip into 1/8" little pieces.

After you've cut and weeded your words, flip them around and mark the spots where the letters align with your letterboard.

Being careful not to burn your fingertips off, dip the plastic pieces into the hot glue and attach it to the cardstock where you drew your lines.

Let the glue dry and then you're free to insert them into your letterboard.

This works best with the felt style letterboards, it will work with the plastic style as well, but it's most secure with the felt.

Now you can really make your own custom sayings and décor for your home and parties!!

Pretty exciting stuff right?!?

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