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How to Plan a Family Picnic

Posted on 6th June 2018

The weather's warming up and spending as much time outside as possible is one of our family goals.  We just spent the last several months stuck inside playing and it feels great having the sun on our skin while breathing in the fresh air.

A fun family tradition to start is having a picnic lunch on a beautiful day at the park.  Of course, I'm also going to make sure it's a beautiful and organized event too.  I mean, that's just the kind of person I am!

The Little Craft Bundle Vol. 2 has some amazing graphics and I was instantly drawn to the Mega Hand Sketched Mega Pack.  I decided that using the brush strokes to make sticker labels for the food would look great with my picnic basket.

First things first, open the brushstrokes file in Silhouette Studio.

It opens as one large file, so right click to pull up the menu and ungroup it.

I then selected the brush strokes that worked best for my project and recolored it to pink.

Next, add the text for the food labels.  I'm using a free font called Sugar Script.  Make sure to fill it with black so it prints.

Scale it all to size and group them together.

To make them into stickers use the offset tool to add a cut line slightly outside lines.

Now replicate the design as many times as needed and create any additional labels.  I also made a few unlabeled stickers to hold my napkins closed around the utensils.

Add your registration marks to make it a print and cut project and send it to be printed on sticker paper.

After it prints, load the sticker paper onto the cutting mat and adjust the cut settings.  To only cut the outside edges of the stickers, select all of the images and then "cut edge".

You now have super adorable stickers to label your food with!

Next, make all of the food and wrap it up sealing them with your newly made stickers.

Just add your cute family members and enjoy!!

You totally want to throw a picnic now, don't you?!?  You definitely should!  Go to a summer concert, baseball game, family park, or even your own backyard.  Just soak in these perfect summer days with your loved ones any chance you get.


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