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Learn How to Make the Ultimate Plant Lady Sign

Learn How to Make the Ultimate Plant Lady Sign

Are you part of the plant-loving trend right now?

Here is a sign your bohemian friends will absolutely love. It combines a painted wood sign with macrame plant hangers. What's not to like?!?

Ready to get started?

Supplies Needed:

First design the "plant lady" text in Silhouette Studio.

I'm using the font Montage which has great special characters.

To access them click the middle "A" in the text style panel at the top.

This pulls up all of the special characters so you can swap out letters. Highlight the letter you want to exchange and click on the new one.

This font overlaps so before you cut the design you need to weld the letters together.(right click to pull up the menu)

You're now ready to cut the Oramask material. Below are the cut settings I use.(Blade: 2Speed: 5Force: 33)

While it's cutting you can work on your wood sign.

I installed the pegs first so I didn't have to worry about messing up my painted portion.

First, measure how thick the edges of the wood is. I want the pegs to be in the center of it.

On the front side I measured the length then divided by 4 so I knew where to put the 3 pegs so they were evenly distributed along the bottom. After marking the spots with my pencil I took my drill and made holes about 3/8"-1/2" deep. (I wanted them to be a tight fit so I used a slightly smaller bit and just rocked it around a bit as I drilled, the next size up was too big)

Next, hammer the pegs into the holes so it's nice and snug. If yours are loose I would add wood glue as well.

Repeat this for all 3 pegs. I gave the wood a light sanding after to help have a smoother surface for the vinyl and paint to adhere to.

Attach the vinyl via transfer tape and use your application tool to firmly apply it to the wood.

Now you're ready to paint! I like using a foam brush and gently dab the paint on top.

Even though the oramask is amazing and creates a tight seal, this wood isn't perfectly even so I avoided using angles to help prevent the paint from seeping.

While the paint dries you can start your macrame plant holders!

Here are videos showing the process:

First cut 6 pieces of rope that are 7 feet long, then fold it over the metal ring so the center of the rope is in the ring.

This is how to do a gathering knot to start the hanger:


Next, separate the 12 pieces of rope into 3 groups of 4, keeping them in sections that are close to each other. Here is how to do a square knot for the straight rope look:


If you want the rope to twist you simply just do the same knot, but you don't swap sides. You keep tying the knot on the one side:


Once you've finished the top section (about 4" long) you're ready to create the section for the pot to sit in. You need to grab 2 rope pieces from 2 different rope chains, pick the ones closest to each other.

Then create a square knot. Do this one time until all 3 ropes are connected:


Repeat this same process again, selecting 2 ropes from 2 different chains. After you get all 3 knots completed take a small piece of rope to tie the bottom strands together. Finish off the end with another gathering knot. Trim the rope and you're done!


By now that paint is definitely dry! Peel that vinyl off the wood, slowly.

Now add your adorable macrame planters to the sign and you've got the ultimate plant lady sign!

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