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Make a Christmas Sweater Glass Vase

Posted on 27th November 2017

The holidays are nearly upon us!  The Christmas sweaters are coming out for parties everywhere.

I was thinking it would be fun to have the Christmas sweater look for a decoration on our sideboard since we don't have a mantle.

The dollar store sells the nice straight glass vases which are perfect for adding vinyl to.  I also bought some white sand "snow" and an LED candle so I didn't have to worry about real flames and our small children.

Talk about an affordable and unique decoration sure to bring a smile to people's faces.

Supplies Needed:

First, design your sweater in Silhouette Studio.  I started by drawing the rectangle that represents the size of the vase so I could size my design appropriately.

Then I pulled in a sweater design from the 50 Christmas Seamless Patterns.

Using the trace by color feature in 4.1, easily trace the pattern.  You will need to lower the tolerance to get a clean grab of the stitching detail.

Now you can delete the portions you don't want to use by ungrouping it and selecting the unwanted pattern parts.

Now that I have the portion of the pattern I wanted to use, I used the replicate tool to fill the length of the vase with the design.

You can use the align tool to make sure it's perfectly aligned inside the rectangle as well.

I added a fun reindeer from The Ultimate Christmas Bundle.  I traced it to get the cut lines, replicated it, and spaced it using the horizontal tool.

Finally, I mirrored the top pattern to finish off the design.

I filled it with a color so I could visualize the full look and know how I wanted to weed the pattern.

Once you're happy with the design send it to be cut!

I never tire of watching the machine cut out the design perfectly.

Now the fun task of weeding the design.  I found wiggling the vinyl in an up and down zig-zag motion helped cleanly remove it.  Just work slowly and use your fingers to hold any little parts down if they try coming up.

I chose to weed the reindeer out and leave the solid stripe for this design.

Carefully add the transfer tape over top and use your application tool to firmly attach it.  I made sure the tape was on straight so I could align the tape with the top of the vase.

Next, prep the vase for the vinyl.  I like to use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the surface so it's clean of all dust and oils.

I usually remove the transfer tape at this point, but since we have to make sure it's perfectly aligned its easiest to keep the backing paper on to align it on the vase.

Use some tape to attach the center so you can use the hinge method to cleanly apply the vinyl.  Fold back one side and cut away the paper backing.

Attach the vinyl on the one side and repeat the process on the other side.

Use your application tool to firmly attach the vinyl to the vase and remove the transfer tape.

If you get any air bubbles use a pin to pop them and press it out with the application tool or your fingers.

Fill the bottom with a couple inches of the white sand and insert your candle.

Your sweater vase is ready!!

Add a couple other candles to the mix to complete the look.

Happy Christmas crafting everyone!!!  If you make your own sweater vase make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can admire it.

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