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Make a Sign for the Dog Lover's in Your Life

Make a Sign for the Dog Lover's in Your Life

I'm guessing you know someone who owns a dog. I'm also guessing they love that animal more than most people! Haha, I don't blame them, dogs are awesome!

We also know those dogs that just can't keep their love to themselves and cover you in "kisses" when you walk in. This is the sign for that dog!

The Supply List:

First, let's design the sign in Silhouette Studio. I'm using the font Hot Mess from the Mighty Font Bundle.

The other font I used is Sweet Bear from the Amazing Craft Bundle.

Scale the words to size and use the align tool to center them.

I always like to group them together and then center it on the page.

Now you're set to send it to be cut!

My sign is 14" long so I used my 24" long mat, use the support bars under the CAMEO 3 if that's what you're using to cut the material.

While the machine is cutting the vinyl, you can give your sign a quick sanding to make sure the surface is nice and smooth. The wood sign I'm using is on the rustic side so it's never going to be perfectly smooth.

Weed out the letters, this is going to be a stencil for painting, then apply transfer tape on top.

Apply the vinyl to the wood sign and use your application tool to firmly attach it. Now you're good to carefully remove the transfer tape.

Pick your paint color, I'm using a dark grey, and using the foam brush lightly dab on the paint with quick up and down movements. You don't want to apply it at an angle because it can slip under the vinyl edges.

With a rougher wood surface you're always going to have a little bit of bleeding, let's just call it rustic charm.

Let it dry a bit and then remove the oramask vinyl from the wood. You'll probably need your weeding tool to remove the center parts.

Your sign is done!

This would be extra funny if you have a bar area in your home to hang this by! You know the dog lovers in your life are going to love it.

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