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Make an Adorable Guest Room Pillow

Make an Adorable Guest Room Pillow

Now that we live out of state away from all family members, we needed to have a nice guest room for people to stay. I'm slowly working on getting the house decorated and transformed from a builder's standard house into our family home.

As you know I'm kind of obsessed with my new freezer paper method I just came up with. I decided to make myself some custom throw pillows to add some character to our plain guest room.

We actually scored the headboard and bed from a local thrift store for $45!! The mattress was brand new too!! Add a plain white comforter and these pillows and suddenly you have a really nice room to make your guests comfortable while they come to visit.

I made my own pillowcases but you can easily buy them as well. If you don't know how to sew a zippered pillowcase you can head to my Instagram (@designedtobecrafty) and I have a video tutorial in my saved stories.

The Supply List:

Open up Silhouette Studio and start creating your pillow design. I'm using this flower file from the Silhouette Design Store. It wasn't already a compound path so I made it one.

Next, resize it to fit the pillow. I always use the scale tool to make it an exact size.

I'm going to be cutting this design out of freezer paper to make a stencil for my fabric paint. If you head to this post you can find the full tutorial on how I do that. I treat the paper like HTV so I flip the design horizontally.

Send the design to be cut.

While that's cutting (this design will take awhile!) you can design the HTV portion of the pillow design.

Draw a rectangle by clicking on the tool on the left-hand side of the screen.

Use the scale tool to make the square the exact size you want.

Use the offset tool to make the square into a frame and then make it a compound path.

Now add your text, I'm using the font Wolfsbane from the Love to Craft Volume 2.

Most script fonts need to be welded so they become one piece instead of cutting each individual letter out.

Use the alignment tool to make sure it's perfectly centered within the square.

I added the color so I could visualize the full design.

Flip it horizontally because this is a heat transfer design.

Adjust the cut settings and load the vinyl onto the cutting mat. Send it to be cut after you pull the freezer paper off the mat.

Back to the freezer paper design, weed away the thin line very carefully. The paper should stick fairly well to that transfer tape, just use your fingers to push any lifting portions back down.

Carefully shift the design onto your pillowcase and use the iron or heat press to adhere the stencil to the fabric.

Slowly pull off the transfer tape after the paper is pressed onto the fabric. Put some paper or cardboard in the center of the pillow to protect it from the paint seeping through to the back

Take the fabric outside or somewhere safe to spray it. This will spray further than you think! I learned the hard way the first time I tried it.

Let the paint dry and pull off the freezer paper.

I used tweezers to pull out the center portions.

Perfect crisp lines!! Seriously, who knew freezer paper was so amazing??

If you haven't already, send the heat transfer to be cut.

Weed the vinyl after it's cut and align it onto the pillowcase so you can press it on as well.

Peel away the carrier sheet after it's attached to the pillow.

Insert the pillow forms into the pillowcase.

Now place it on the bed and admire your gorgeous new décor.

I made the other 2 pillows by simply cutting strips of freezer paper and attaching it to the pillows then spraying it as well.

Who said decorative throw pillows need to cost a fortune?

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