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Make Your Own Farmhouse Style Cake Stand

Make Your Own Farmhouse Style Cake Stand

The farmhouse trend is holding strong! I'm a huge fan because it's such a clean, simple, and timeless aesthetic. It's also easy to create your own pieces using some items you can pick up at the local craft store anywhere you live.

The only thing better than cute home accessories is CAKE! Talk about a huge win-win when you can combine the two into one craft project.

The Supply List:

When I came up with the idea to make this cake stand at the store I knew I wanted to add a fun phrase to it.

Open Silhouette Studio and pick your favorite font. I'm using MilkTea from The Little Craft Bundle.

I love the font but didn't like the gaps between the "t" in some of the words. There's an easy fix! First, ungroup the phrase.

Now that all the letters are considered separate shapes, you can click on the individual letter and move it over until it touches the letter next to it.

All fixed!!

Now weld it all together so each word becomes a complete shape instead of individual letters.

The final step is to group it all back together so you can move it around or scale it without accidentally missing a word.

Send it to be cut. There isn't a preset for Oramask so I created my own. The settings below are what I have found to work great, my blade is still fairly new and sharp so if yours is older you might need to adjust it.

Load the vinyl onto your cutting mat and send away!

Since this is a stencil for painting, we're weeding out the actual words. Use extra caution not to lose those tiny inside sections of the letters.

Add your transfer tape on top and use your scraper tool to firmly adhere it.

Now let's prep the actual cake stand! Pull out the sign and your wood pedestal.

If your sign has a cord for hanging, flip it over and remove it.I needed pliers to pull out the staples in mine.

Next, we need to find the center so use your ruler to make an "x" on the back.

Measure the diameter of the wood pedestal.

Now draw a little mark for you to line up the edges of the pedestal on the back of the sign.

Swirl lots of hot glue on the top of your pedestal and attach it to the back of the sign.

Now let's attach the stencil to the edge of the sign. I marked off the edges and lined up the top edge with the indent in the wood.

Use your scraper tool and adhere the stencil firmly to the wood sign. Then slowly peel off the transfer tape, don't lose those inside bits!!

A trick to get a super tight grip on your sign is to take a heat tool or hair dryer and go over the vinyl. You'll visually see it "melt" and that helps prevent any bleeding of the paint, especially on those little tiny parts.

You're ready to paint! I always add some paint to my brush then dab some off before working on the sign. Lightly dab it on using up and down motions.

Wait for it to fully dry before peeling up the oramask stencil. Use your hook tool to remove the inside sections.

Your farmhouse style cake stand is ready for some cake!

My family loves it when I have to bake for blog post props. The hardest part is waiting for the pictures to be taken so they can dig in.

Who said cake stands have to be circles? I love the rectangular shape of this stand so much!

I love the shape of the wood pedestal!!I had to show you this angle too.

Ok, now go make one for yourself and don't forget to bake your favorite treats to display on top. No special occasion needed.

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