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Make Your Own Floral Hair Pins

Make Your Own Floral Hair Pins

Ok Ladies, if you are anything like me, you wear your hair up in a messy bun 50-75% of the time. Why? because it's easy and keeps your hair out of your way, especially if you have small children.

Want to elevate your hair game quickly and easily? Just add floral hair pins!!This DIY tutorial will show you 2 tricks:1. How to design your own patterned paper and 2. How to make the floral hair pins. Who doesn't love a good two for one deal?!

The Supplies Needed:

Ok, first things first, let's design that gorgeous patterned paper. I'm using graphics from The Summer Design Bundle called Big Summer Collection.

Just open the file and start merging them into your design space.

I used a bunch of images that I loved the most, so hard to pick!! They are all so pretty.

To make a floral grouping that looks like it was drawn that way you'll need to do a few easy steps. First, trace all of the images you want to use.

Once they are all traced, group them together into the arrangement you like. Next, use the modify tool and hit "divide" so it breaks it all up. Now you can delete out the overlapping parts you don't want to see.

Add the color back in so you can see the design.

Finally, make the design a compound path. Repeat this process to make any other floral groupings as desired.

Now arrange all of the various floral images into a cluster in the corner of your page. Play around until it looks evenly distributed. I would group it all together too once you're happy.

Mirror and copy that grouping until the page is filled.

If I was simply just making a paper print I would have left the design at this scale.

The scale above was too large for my small floral hair pins, so I shrunk it down and repeated the process.

(I printed this out on regular paper first to play with and test before using the expensive printable fabric.)

Now open the 3D flower design and scale it to 3 different sizes.

I tested these on that regular paper first to make sure the sizing was right.

Now let's print the pattern onto the printable fabric. Make sure to adjust the print settings to be better than normal.

Load that fabric onto your cutting mat and into the machine.

I filled the full page with flowers so I had extras as needed and made sure to mirror each flower size so I could make the fabric double sided. The fabric material I linked above is actually heat transfer on the back so you can attach it together easily.

Send the design to be cut and then remove the various flower pieces.

Line up the two flower designs together so they are back to back. The heat transfer backing is slightly sticky which helps them stay together while you're lining them up.

Press the flower pieces with your iron or heat press for about 10-15 seconds.

Now start rolling those gorgeous flowers! You start with the smaller edge on the outside and the big circle in the center is the base that you add hot glue too and attach all the rolls.

Repeat that for each flower.

Cut some small circles out of the scrap fabric and first attach that to the bobby pin on the inside. Once that hardens add more glue on top of that circle and attach the flower. Repeat for all 3 pins.

Simply add them to your hair! As you can see I'm a messy bun master! My crazy natural curly hair works well for that style.

My husband was a good sport and played photographer for me. His first time ever helping me with a blog project.:)

I'm terrible at styling my hair, I feel like I'm missing that particular "girl" gene. So if I can pretend like I'm any good at it by adding cute floral pins with my crafting skills, I will do so!!

This is perfect for any special occasion event too! Weddings, parties, dances, etc.

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