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Make Your Own Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklace

Make Your Own Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklace

If you're curious about how I come up with all these project ideas all the time, I'll let you in on a little secret. Sometimes I just wander the aisles of the craft store and look to see what new fun products they are selling for inspiration (and supplies of course!).

These shopping trips are my little mini vacations on the weekend where I get to spend a little time with myself and just let my mind free. I seriously depend on them to keep my sanity during the week with my two adorable and very LOUD toddlers.

While on my "vacation" the other week I perused the embroidery aisle and discovered all of these amazing little kits for making jewelry and keychains. I immediately put some in my cart and knew the exact ideas would come to me once I saw what fun new bundles items would work. Guess what?!?I figured out what to make!

I'm not a huge embroidery person but I decided I'd make a pretty design using printable heat transfer instead. It's like a mini art piece for you to wear. The rules of crafting are THERE ARE NO RULES!!lol, you don't have to embroider with an embroidery hoop.

The Supply List:

I'm using a floral graphic from the Summer Vacation designs in the Summer Design Bundle. It was hard to pick!!!I mocked up several designs first to help decide.

Once you've inserted the image, scale it down to size for your necklace.

This will be a print and cut project so add in the registration marks. Make sure to leave it the standard size so you can reuse the rest of the paper for other projects. All you would do is add the designs at a later time and just not reprint the registration marks.

Trace the design to add cut lines around the outside.

Group the cut line and graphic together so you can move it around without accidentally moving them apart.

Now you're ready to print! Don't forget to change the print settings to the best for a clean and colorful print.

Once it's printed, place the paper on the cutting mat and send it to be cut.

The trickiest part of this whole project is gently lifting the design off the backing paper. I prefer to use the flattest spatula tool I own to help remove it without tearing the delicate paper.

Place the design in the center of your scrap piece of fabric and use your iron or heat press to adhere it together.

Now the assembly part! Wrap the fabric around the smallest wood ring and insert that inside the hoop. Use the screw to tighten it all together. Make sure to place a jump ring in the center of the hoop so you can attach a chain to it when you're done.

Once it's all assembled, cut away the excess fabric and use your hot glue gun to attach the back ring.

That's it!!You're now the proud owner of a really fun and unique necklace, perfect for the current boho look that's on trend right now.

Now go wear it proudly and be prepared for people to ask you where you bought it.

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