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Making a quote mug using vinyl

Posted on 19th July 2016

Lately, places like Pinterest, Etsy and even Facebook have has pictures of mugs with quirky quotes.

Some of these mugs are actually quite good and it made me think of how many different sayings we have in our household that would look great on a mug.

Creating your own quote on a mug to use your self or give to a friend or family member is actually very easy to do with a little know how.

Today I will show you how to use Vinyl to create your own personalised mug.

For this tutorial you will need the following-
Electronic Die cutting machine ( silhouette cameo)
Vinyl- gold
Glass cleaner/cloth
Transfer tape
Celebration Bundle

1- Type your quote that you would like on your mug. Make sure that each lot of text you want in a different font you type separately. Make sure you centre each lot of text.

2- Highlight each lot of text and change the font to what you would like. I am using Carters and Introblues from the Celebration Bundle

3- Change the colour of your text so you can find it easier to work with.

4- Change the other text  to your chosen font.

5- With some fonts like Introblues the font can be a little too thin to cut cleanly. You can change this by using the offset function.

6- Select the offset icon and click offset.

7- Adjust the size of the offset to approx 0.3mm, just big enough to make the text easier to cut.Apply.

8- Remove the original text from the offset.

9- You can see that the text is slightly thicker. Delete the original text.

10-  Highlight all of the text.

11- Align the text together. Once aligned, check the spacing above and below each line of text.

If the gaps are too big, ungroup the text, regroup each word individually then move to lessen the gap.

12- Adjust the text and align to the centre.

13-  Cut the vinyl using the electronic die cutting machine.

14- Clean the mug with  window cleaner to ensure the surface is oil free for the vinyl to stick well.

15- Once cut trim the design.

16- Slowly peel and weed the excess vinyl.

17- Place the transfer tape over the vinyl design and rub well so it sticks to the transfer tape.

18- Peel off the transfer tape from the backing paper ensuring the vinyl sticks to the tape.

19- Carefully place onto the mug and rub well. Then peel off the transfer tape leaving the quote on the mug.

Your mug is complete. Just check to ensure all the vinyl stuck well.

Once your mug is complete, leave the vinyl to cure on the mug. you should leave the mug for a min of 48 hours. After that time you can wash the mug with warm soapy water and the vinyl will stay on the mug.

Do not use a dishwasher as this will heat the adhesive too much and the vinyl will lift.

This method of personalising mugs is a great gift idea. you can even get your children to write something or draw a picture then transfer it to the silhouette to cut into vinyl and place on a mug. the options are endless!!

Until next time....

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