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Planner Bow Clip Tutorial

Posted on 4th August 2016

Planners are super popular right now. The accessories that go with planners are almost as expensive as the planner itself!

With a little bit of know how I will show you over the next few months how to make many of the different accessories for planners yourself. Many only need just a few items and they look just as good as the shop brought accessories, and to make it even better you can make your accessories to match you planner perfectly!!

Today I will be sharing how to create pretty paper bow clips for your planner. These paper clips can also be used on any stationary to make your page look cute.

For this tutorial you will need the following-

Manual die cutting machine (sizzix machine)
Lil Inker Dies- Mini Bow
Patterned paper
Paper clips - 5cm long
Double sided tape
Tape runner

1- Take your patterned paper and die. Cut paper to fit around the die.

When picking your patterned paper, try to choose a thickness of 120gsm as this is thick enough to keep its shape but not too thick that it will crease the design.

2- Run your paper and die through the sizzix machine.

3- Remove all pieces from the die. If any get stuck, a pin through the holes in the die will pop them out.

4- Using the tape runner pop a small amount of adhesive onto the inside of the bow in the middle.

5- join each side of the bow into the middle. Press down to ensure it is secure.

6- On the right of the patterned paper, place adhesive onto the tail part of the bow.

7- Adhere the bow to the tail part of the bow. Press to ensure it is secure.

8- Using a piece of double sided tape, adhere the paper clip to the back of the bow.

9- Wrap the double sided tape around of the whole of the bow.

10- Place the small strip of patterned paper over the double sided tape at the front of the bow.

11- Wrap the paper around to the back of the bow. Securing it to the double sided tape.

12- Your bow is now complete.

These bow paper clips cost very little to make as you can use scrap papers to create them.

I have seen bow clips like this for up to $5 each, so to make them for only a few cents, you can make many different ones for you and even to give as gifts for your planner friends!!!

Make sure you stay tuned to the blog, as I will be sharing more planner related tutorials.

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