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Unleash the Power of Plus & Plus Unlimited: FAQs Answered!

At Design Bundles, we stand committed to empowering you with knowledge. With the launch of our new Plus / Plus Unlimited, we take yet another step toward fostering an informed and engaged community. It represents our commitment to serving you better and ensuring that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) to assist you on your journey!

Why has the name of my membership plan changed?

With the launch of the new Plus/Plus Unlimited, we have revised all of our membership plans. The Bronze membership has been rebranded as the Basic Membership, while the Gold Plan is now referred to as the Pro Membership. With the addition of the Plus Unlimited Plan, the Silver Membership has become obsolete.

I had a Gold Membership and have automatically been moved to the Plus Pro plan, will I have to pay more?

For the time being, there will be no price increases.

I had a Silver Membership and have automatically been upgraded to the Plus Pro plan, will I have to pay more?

At present, we are not implementing any price increases.

I had a Bronze Membership and have automatically been moved to the Plus Basic plan, will I have to pay more?

For the moment, prices will remain unchanged.

If I upgrade to Plus Unlimited will I lose any Plus Points I have?

Plus Unlimited removes any need for Plus Points on your account as all Plus products are accessible without download limits. However, any Plus points you historically had before upgrading to Unlimited does remain on record and will be available to you if you decide to downgrade.

If I downgrade from Plus Unlimited to either Plus Pro or Basic in the future, will I get any points I lost back?

Yes. If you should ever choose to downgrade to our Pro or Basic Plus Subscription, any historical Plus Points will be added back to your account for your use, don’t worry, you won’t lose them.

How many products can I download with a Plus Unlimited subscription?

The subscription covers the download of as many products as you would like from the Plus section of the website or stores belonging to our Plus Partners. Subject to our Fair Use Policy. Products in our marketplace are for sale separately, but as a Plus Unlimited subscriber you receive 15% off any marketplace purchases.

What does the Plus Unlimited Usage license cover?

As a Plus Unlimited subscriber all downloads come with a Corporate and Print-On-Demand license. You can read in detail here.

Are there any other benefits associated with a Plus Unlimited subscription?

Yes there are plenty! Not only do you get unlimited downloads you will have access to DesignScape graphic editing software, PixaScape photo editing software, 15% off any marketplace purchases and access to our Dollar Deal Afterparty! The cherry on the cake is access to our brand new AI image tool Illustrate AI, where you can create, download and use anything you can imagine with only a text prompt!

Can I pause my Plus subscription?

Currently this isn’t possible, but adding this feature is a priority for us.

Can I buy an Annual Plan?

Yes. Annual plans are now available as a payment option with any new subscription. Purchasing an annual subscription will save you 20% on your subscription cost over a year.

If I stop my subscription can I still use the products I downloaded?

Yes. Any products you downloaded while your Plus Unlimited subscription was active are able to be used with the license at the time. Please be aware that you will no longer have access to re-download any of Plus products though or proof of your license, but if you reactivate your membership in the future, your download history will be available once again.

Illustrate AI

Exploring AI-powered art has never been easier! We've gathered the common questions you might have about Illustrate AI below.

To help you learn even more, we included a tutorial video below that shows you step-by-step how to use Illustrate AI to create great art. Use this link to see the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxHhhMMFHuQ

Unleash the Power of Plus & Plus Unlimited: FAQs Answered! 1

What am I allowed to use any of the AI images I create for?

Illustrate AI images are also provided with the same license as other Plus Products. You can review our full license here.

Will any images created with Illustrate AI need to be upscaled any further before I use them?

Usually not. Any images created and upscaled with Illustrate AI are high enough resolution for most uses as they are, upscaling may only be required with large projects in mind.

Can anyone else see/download/use an image I created in Illustrate AI?

Only images you publish will be visible in the gallery and available for download by other paying Plus Subscribers.

Can all Plus Members use Illustrate AI?

Yes! Plus Unlimited has unlimited access to Illustrate AI. Usage will cost 0.25 Plus credits per image and 1 Plus credit to publish and upscale for the Plus Pro and Plus Basic plans.

Should you encounter any questions not covered in this FAQ page or have any suggestions, we're all ears!

Exploring 100 Art Styles with Illustrate AI

For a more immersive experience and step-by-step guidance, be sure to check out this tutorial video at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9q30khj-G0 .

Unleash your creativity and explore a world of varied art styles using Illustrate AI. The limitless canvas of inspiration is ready for you – so go ahead, create with joy!

Unleash the Power of Plus & Plus Unlimited: FAQs Answered! 2

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