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Print and Cut Hack for Silhouette.

Posted on 1st September 2016

I use the print and cut function a great deal on my Silhouette Cameo.

Sometimes when creating a print and cut, especially on sticker paper, I don't always use the whole A4 sheet. I can maybe cut a few images but the rest of the sheet is wasted.

NO MORE!!!!!

Follow my simple steps below and you can do what I now do and save my 1/2 used sheets and re use them so every blank piece of paper is used.

You will need the following -
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait.  (You can use a Cricut Explore also and do a similar technique)
Sticker paper- pre used before with print and cut
The previously used print and cut file

1- Take out the sticker paper you previously used with print and cut. As you can see below I only used a small section of the sticker paper.

2- Open up the print and cut file you used on the sticker paper you have saved. Once you have the file open you can use this as a template to know where to put your new designs to cut.

3- Design your new images to print and cut. I am using some more emojii images I purchased on etsy.

Upload the image you want.

4- Use the trace function to create a cut line around your image.

5- I always click on thee cut icon to double check the cut line around my image works so there are no mistakes cutting. You can see what will cut by the highlighted red ring around my emojii image.

6- Once the cut line is in place group the image and cut line together and then copy and paste into the print and cut file you are using.

7- Resize the new image, and duplicate to the number you require. The above technique can be used for most jpeg images.

8- Once you have the required images, group together and then fit around the images already here.

9- Once in place, you can now click and drag the first images that you have previously printed off the print and cut page. By doing this you will only print and cut the new images.

10- Print your file on the used sticker paper.

11- Once printed, place on your cutting mat.

12- Run through the silhouette machine.

13- As you will see the silhouette will only cut the newly printed images.

You have now done a print on cut using old sticker paper.

The above technique can be redone over and over until you have used every little piece of blank sticker paper.

Some of the sticker papers here in Australia are quite expensive, so its good to have a way to make use of whole sheets over a period of time.

This technique can also be used with card as well making die cuts. so don't limit yourself to just sticker paper.

The possibilities for this technique are endless :)

Until next time.....

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