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Silhouette Gift Bag Topper Tutorial

Silhouette Gift Bag Topper Tutorial

The Silhouette Cameo is an amazing thing. You can make pretty much anything crafty with it!

One of the things I read this week on a few Facebook craft groups, was the ability to make party/gift bag toppers.

A members were chatting about how each would create their bags, so I thought I would share with you all how I make party/gift bag toppers.

The ones i'm making them today are for someone who is having an opening day at their pet salon.

I wanted to show that you can change this type of topper up to use for almost any celebration.

What you will need-
Silhouette Cameo (or other electronic die cutting machine)
Card Stock
Celebration bundle - LuduCudu font
Plastic bags

1- Open up a new page in Silhouette Studio. Click on the registration mark tab and select style type 1

2- Create a rectangle using the rectangle tool.

3- Using the scale icon change the size of the rectangle to fit the width of your plastic bags. I'm using a 10cm wide x 15cm high bag, so I will be making my rectangle 10cm wide by 7.5cm high. this will give 5cm for the front of the topper and 2.5cm at the back to attach with.

4- Select the line tool. hold the shift key down on your PC and draw a line 10cm wide. By holding down the shift key it ensures you will have a perfectly straight line.

5-  Move the line to the 5 cm point on your rectangle. then select the line style icon. Select the perforated line option. This will make it easier to fold the topper.

6- Select the text style icon. Pick the Ludu Cudu font.

7- Type your sentiment.

8- Fill your text to the desired print colour. Select the cut setting option. Select NO CUT on your text. The reason we do this is when we go to cut after printing, the Silhouette will not cut the text.

9- Resize and place your text onto your topper. Use the align tool to ensure centred.

10- Replicate your design on your print and cut space. ensure that at all time the design is within the registration marks and the hatched area. If you over lap your cut design on them it will not cut.

11- Select the print icon and adjust setting for your media.

12- Print.

13- Once printed, place your sheet onto your cutting mat. Ensure that it is places in the top left corner and straight. I have used a little bit of masking tape to ensure it stays in place while cutting.

14- Select the cut icon. Select the correct media setting and send to the silhouette..

15- Cut your file.

16- Once cut carefully remove your design from the cutting mat.

17- You can see the perforated part of the topper. Fold at this point.

18- Once folded they will be ready to put on your bags. Fill the plastic bags with whatever goodies you like (i'm popping cat Greenies in mine) and then fold over the bag.

19- Staple to the bag.

Your gift bags are now completed.

A simple gift bag topper like this is great to use for when you have multiple small gifts to make.

You cold use them for thank yous to teachers at school with cookies in them, or make a bunch and pop little Easter eggs in them for your children to give to friends at easter.

Until next time.....

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