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Turn a wood blank into custom art

Turn a wood blank into custom art

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that mean's the craft stores and dollar sections are filled with heart-shaped goodies.

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person, but I do love me some hearts!! So I decided to make myself a fun super girly heart art piece for my craft area.

What goes better with hearts than flowers?!? Throw in some pretty pink colors and you have the trifecta of girly happiness!

The Supply List:

First things first, let's design the word phrase for this project. Because this is a super feminine project let's use a super feminine phrase! You'll see what I chose in a second...

To make sure this project fits inside the shape find a similar heart in your library (you know you have one!) and use that as a base.

Now size it to be close in size to your wood sign using the scale tool.

Ok, ready for the phrase? I went with a classic by Claude Monet.

The font I'm using is Beautylove from the Valentine's Design bundle

This font has really beautiful glyphs, you can access them by clicking on the script A in the text tool. Simply highlight the letter you want to change and find the letter you want to swap it with, then hit enter.

I also changed the lower case 's' to a glyph version.

For adding the cite to the quote I used the font Love Alice Sans also from the Valentine's design bundle

This font looks like it already is connected properly. But I figured I'd play it safe and weld it just to make sure I don't have any disconnected letters.

Group it back together after welding it.

Next, I centered everything just to make sure I'm happy with how everything looks. This is essentially a mock-up since I'm not cutting the heart shape shown here.

I'm a vinyl hoarder so I make sure to minimize the amount of vinyl needed for a project. I ended up rotating the Claude Monet portion to fit tight against the quote.

When you are using heat transfer material you need to mirror the image so it cuts properly.

I left space in the top left corner for the ever so important test cut!

You're ready to cut the design out!

Attach the HTV clear shiny side down onto your cutting mat (that's the carrier sheet) and load it into the machine, hit send.

After you've cut the design out, weed away the extra material.

Set this aside for now while we get the floral paper portion ready.

I was having a hard time deciding the best place to cut the heart out of the paper. So I traced the outer shape and then made a template outline to move around to see what section I liked the best.

Once you've decided on the best spot, trace the wood heart out on the paper using a pencil.

Simply take a pair of scissors and cut the heart out.

Now that we have the outer shape, here's a trick on how to cut the inner portion correctly. Simply line it up on top of the heart and then use your finger to press against the inside edges.

This leaves a slight impression on the paper so you have a line to follow with your scissors.

It's hard to snap a clear photo, but you can see the faint impression around the edge.

Simply cut around the heart again following that new line.

Place it inside and trim any areas that need it until it's a clean fit.

Ok back to the HTV portion. Here's a trick on how to align it easily. Fold the phrase in half and create a crease in the center.

Place a ruler or straight edge down the exact center of the heart. Now just align the crease on the HTV with the straight edge and press the one half down on the paper. Remove the ruler and press the other edge down too.

I used the normal heat settings for the HTV but I did a shorter press than I would for fabric. I was worried about burning the paper. I pressed for about 8 seconds.

Once done pressing it to the paper, peel away the carrier sheet.

Instead of making a mess with glue or mod podge and having to wait for drying times, I simply pulled out my double-sided adhesive paper by Silhouette.

Trace the paper heart with a pencil onto the adhesive paper. It was a tiny bit too small so I added the missing section over to the side. It doesn't matter if I have a small overlap.

Attach the adhesive paper to the paper heart and then attach it to your wood heart.

Here's the final result!!

I mean a girl can never have too many flowers, especially during the winter!!

Now to find the perfect home for my new masterpiece!

You're probably heading to your local Target store right now, aren't you?! Run, go find this fun wood sign blank!

If you do make yourself one, please tag me on Instagram, I would love to see it! (@designedtobecrafty)

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