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Unique Bridal Shower Favors

Unique Bridal Shower Favors

I've recently discovered my love affair with power tools. I was always a little fearful of using my husband's power saws and more complicated power tools. BUT. I decided my need and desire to create overruled that fear and I 'powered' through.(see what I did there?!?)

Do you remember these gorgeous floral invitations I designed for my friend's bridal shower? Then you'll see how these beautiful vases will be the perfect favors for each guest to take home.

We've all been to showers and I'd say about half the time I actually end up using the favors they hand out. If it's food...well you know I'm going to eat it. I'm not really into the bath and body items since I have super sensitive skin (plus it's been done a million times over). I wanted to come up with a new idea that people will actually use and love.

Here's what I created....

I have to admit I'm pretty darn proud of these wooden floral arrangements!

You're dying to make them now too right?!

The Supply List:

  • wood block roughly 3"x 3" x 2"(I cut a long wood board down to size)
  • 1" hole saw drill bit
  • sandpaper
  • stain
  • acrylic paint (whatever colors you choose)
  • painters tape
  • paint brushes
  • floral foam
  • faux flowers (I bought a bush with mixed flowers)
  • needle nose pliers or wire cutters
  • gloves (for staining)
  • rag (for staining)

Like I said in the supply list, I simply bought a long wood board at my local hardware store and used the miter saw to cut it down into small wood blocks.

Then used a 1" hole saw paddle to drill the hole into the center of the block about 1.5" deep.

Finish it off with a good sanding to make the wood splinter free and soften the edges a bit.

This is a messy process!!

I chose to stain the wood a rich dark brown color (another very messy process!). Make sure to protect your work surface and wear gloves.

Brush on a thin layer of stain over the entire wood block. Always go with the grain of the wood.

Next, take your rag and wipe off the excess stain. Again, keep all movements with the wood grain.

Let those dry overnight. (yes waiting is soo hard!!)

I wanted to add the fun pop of color to my wood vases so I took some painters tape and blocked off a corner.

Since the stain is dark and the paint colors I chose are lighter shades, I painted the corner white first so my colors showed up nice and bright without needing 5 coats. Again, you'll have to wait for that paint to dry a bit before you can move on.

I added a second piece of painters tape and shifted it over about 1/4 of an inch in from the other line. Make sure to get a good seal on the edges to prevent paint bleeding.

Next, I painted my first darker color onto the wood. I found I needed 2 coats for good coverage. Let that dry before moving on to the next step.

Peel off that second piece of painters tape to reveal the 1/4" white strip.

I reused the same piece of tape and covered the dark pink edge so I could paint the white section.

Now you can paint the lighter shade of pink. I ended up with 3 coats since this is a pearl sheen and I wanted a nice vibrant stripe. Make sure to wait for it to dry between coats.

Since I was making several, I just was able to move on to the next while waiting and found it would be done once I finished the round.

Here's how they turned out! I wanted that "dipped edge" look.

Next cut down some floral foam into about 1.5" squares. Simply push the foam into the hole.

If the foam is deeper than your hole, just use your fingers to pinch off the extra material on top and smooth it out.

Here's how it should look when you're done.

Now let's prep your faux flowers for the best part!!

Simply use your needle nose pliers (or wire cutters) to cut the stem of the flower off. You only need about 1" of stem sticking out. Repeat this for each floral piece you want to use.

I started with the biggest flower and added smaller accents to fill in the foam. I didn't want to be able to see it once I was done.

Just keep playing around until you're happy with the arrangement.

You might need a new piece of foam if you keep pulling things out to rearrange them.

I used a variety of floral stems and some succulents to give the guests options for what they prefer.

I love them ALL!! I don't know if I could pick just one.

I'm sooo excited for the bridal shower to be here! Now to get to work on the other 20 or so I need to make...

Happy floral crafting!!

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