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Watermarking Your Photos Part 2

Posted on 1st August 2016

You can create watermarks for your photos in many ways, we have talked about how to create a watermark online HERE.

Today I will share with you 2 different ways to create watermarks with Photoshop elements.

I will be using Photoshop Elements 7 (which is a fairly old version) but the way to create them is the same in all versions.

I am using Fairytales Script from The Celebration Font Bundle

Creating a Watermark as a file-
1- Open a new blank file in Photoshop Elements.

2-  Make the new file 600 x 200 pixels and a resolution of 300. create the background as transparent.

3- Select the text tool, then select the font you require. Type what you would like as your watermark. Then resize to fit.

4- Change the colour to what you would like (in my case I chose white) then save your file as a Photoshop file. This way you can add it into any photo you put in Photoshop with ease.

5- To add the watermark to your image. Open the watermark file and then click and drag into your image.

6- Resize the watermark to the size you require and adjust the opacity if needed.

Your file is now watermarked.

Creating a watermark brush-

1- Open a new blank file in Photoshop Elements.

2- Create your file 1000 x 2000 and resolution of 72 pixels. Make the background white.

3- Select the text tool and then select your font. Type what you would like as your watermark.

4-Resize your text to fill the blank space.

5- Select all of the file. you can do this on a PC by using Ctrl A. Once everything is selected you will see the "marching ants" around your file.

6- Select "Edit"and then in the drop down box select - Define Brush from selection.

7- A new box will pop up and you can name your watermark brush.

8- Once you have named your brush you can delete the file. the brush will stay in the photoshop program now as a brush.

9- Open your image. add a new layer to your image before adding your watermark brush. (so if you make an error you do not affect the original image.)

10- Select the brush tool.

11- A drop down box will appear. Go to the bottom of the drop down box and the last brush in the list will be your new watermark brush. If you hover over the brush the name should appear to confirm your brush.

12- Select your brush, you can now resize the brush using the left and right [ ] keys and you can also change the colour if you need too. Click once to place the watermark onto your image.

13- At this point you can resize the watermark even more and change its position. you can also change the opacity.

These days watermarking your images is not only for security of your image on the internet but also to tell readers where they can find the original product or image.

Stay tuned as part 3 of watermarking will show you how to take your photos on angles as to help combat people copying your designs,

Until next time.....

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