1940s Fonts


Just like the decade in question, if you want to completely let loose and create some arts and crafts projects that are pure, unadulterated, raw, individualistic creativity then this fabulous selection of fonts are the perfect tools to help you unleash your inner artiste. Download some 1940s fonts and let your passion be your guide to create some unique crafting pieces that communicate your personality and style, while channeling gone by eras.

Crafters, graphic designers, bloggers, beginners, and pros alike - Font Bundles offers you some of the best quality fonts out there, ensuring a professional finish, ease of use, file versatility, and fantastic customer support!

Get in the swing of things with some free 1940s fonts

The 40s were the decade of abstract expressionism, with the emergence of great artists like Pollock, Rothko and Kooning. Taking a look at their work, you can tell this style was not about subtlety - nor clear meaning. It’s a fantastic way to be bold and brazen, while still invoking some mystery and wonder at the deeper meaning. Why not use some free 1940s fonts to add some chic, striking mystique to your designs and layouts.

This collection features some truly beautiful, exaggerated lettering, that perfectly encapsulates the charm of the past, while still creating a trendy style, palatable to today’s audience. You can use your chosen font to redesign your webpage, add some stylish elements to your social media posts, create some eye-catching promotional materials and even use your crafting machine to help you make matching merchandise.

To match the new look of your brand, you can create signage for your physical store using just a Cricut machine. By uploading your font to Canva, you can change the line setting to ‘cut’ and then engrave your wording onto wood, plastic or even thin metal.

Be at one with your 1940s fonts file

A well-chosen font can be as powerful a tool as a memorable logo, so why not fully unify your brand’s image by redesigning your business cards, so your logo, or captions or personal details, or all of the above, incorporate your new exciting style - and all with just one 1940s fonts file download!

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