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Dingbat Fonts

Dingbat fonts are the perfect way to send a coded message. Each letter is represented by an icon, so as long as the recipient has the cipher your secrets are safe from prying eyes! So whether you have an inside joke you want to share with a loved one or you're looking for inspiration for a business logo we have the font you want.

Font Bundles has thousands of Free and Premium Designs! With some editing software, the right materials, and your crafting machine or precision knife at the ready, start hatching ideas for your next project. Check out some cool crafting ideas below and be sure to check out all our discounted graphics and bundles.

Autumn Doodles Dingbat Font
Word Art Doodles - a Doodle Dingbat Font
Big Doodle Font For Word Art - Dingbat Font
Christmas Tree Farm - A Dingbat Font
Christmas Tree Doodles Dingbat Font
Thanksgiving Party Dingbat Font
Elegant Scrolls - A Dingbat Font
Christmas Ornament Dingbat Font
Flakes - A Dingbat Snowflake Font
FB - Positively - A Script Font   Dingbat Font Duo
Doppelganger   Dingbat - A Font Duo
Cool Duds - A Fun Dingbat Font!
Nature Doodles Dingbat Font
Web Font Doppelganger   Dingbat - A Font Duo
Child Transport Dingbats Font
Foodie Dingbat Doodle Font
Leaf - Dingbat Font
1 Plus Credit
Health - Dingbats Font
Food Dingbats Font
1 Plus Credit
Party Dingbats Font
1 Plus Credit
Christmas - Dingbats Font
Dingbat Plant Font
1 Plus Credit
Bonnie Dingbats Font
Love Doodles Valentine Dingbat Font
Farmhouse Doodles - Dingbat Font
Spooky Squad - A Halloween Dingbat Font
Web Font Flakes - A Dingbat Snowflake Font
Classic Wreath Monograms Dingbat Font
North Arrow - An Arrow Font   Dingbat Duo
Farmhouse Christmas Dingbats
Kookyheads - a dingbat doodle font!
Web Font Christmas Tree Farm - A Dingbat Font
Web Font Storybook Banners - A Dingbat Font
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Web Font Cool Duds - A Fun Dingbat Font!
Web Font Thanksgiving Party Dingbat Font

Free Dingbat font for all your coded messaging needs

Let's take a look at a new way to emboss our free dingbat font onto cardstock - making them the perfect thing to add to cards, invites, and certificates. Most of us know embossing from using a little stamp loaded with embossing ‘ink’, then sprinkling embossing powder over it and using a heat gun to melt it. We can do the exact same thing on the Cricut Maker but we don't need a stamp - Just an embossing pen and a pen adaptor!

Upload your lettering to design space and change the line type to ‘write’ instead of cut as we are using the pen to draw the design. Once you’ve done that hit ‘Make It’ and follow the instructions on the screen to load the pen. Once the machine has drawn your design, sprinkle on the embossing powder, and heat it with the heat gun to see it all puff up to show your fabulous image!

Dingbat Font File

Your easy-to-download, dingbat font file comes with our downloads’ dual-license and can be used to craft something cool for your business, as well as just your personal projects. You can use them to make your own crafting projects including card making, scrapbooking, printables, paper crafts, stationery, DIY, printables, social media posts and so much more.

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