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If there was ever a guaranteed way to add texture and character to any piece of art, furniture, clothing or design, it’s to distress it - add a beautiful touch of weathered elegance to your next creative project and check out our gorgeous selection of distressed fonts, perfect for your digital designs or crafting ideas.

Whether you’re after delicate calligraphy or bold, striking lettering, this collection features a wide variety of styles, all unified by the subtle touch of shabby chic. A font that’s a little rough around the edges is a great choice for themes like the outdoors, grunge, boho, vintage, hippie and many more.

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Don’t stress, get some free distressed fonts instead!

Have a browse through our free distressed fonts and see which style best captures the essence of your brand, business, blog or social media posts.

If you wanted to take your font beyond the digital mediums, you can actually use your crafting machine and font download to engrave various materials to make some awesome signage. If you’re using a Cricut Machine, you can upload your chosen font into Design Space, tweak the dimensions to suit your chosen piece of materials and switch the line type of your letters from ‘cut’ to ‘engrave’. Follow the on-screen guides for installing the engraving tip and you’re ready to go. The Cricut is a versatile machine and can be used with a number of different materials, including plastic, acrylics, soft metals, leather and wood. A distressed font would look really effective engraved into wood - after the Cricut is finished, you could even give your sign a coat of paint, wait for it to dry, then gently rub it down with sandpaper, so you’ll achieve a distressed distressed effect!

A distressed fonts file a day will keep the boredom away

Design Space is just one program you can use to edit your chosen distressed fonts file. Our downloads work great with lots of different design software options, so if you prefer Photoshop or Silhouette Studio or Inkscape, we’ve got you covered - just be sure to choose a file format that’s compatible with your preferred software.

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