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Sometimes a word just isn't good enough, and you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, icons are just little pictures to make sure your next craft project says a lot with one of our fabulous icons fonts.

Have you considered using our fonts for textile design? You can print them as iron-on transfers for upcycling clothes or use them to make graphic t-shirts and hoodies. There are artistic watercolor fonts that would make the perfect feature for hanging in your house. Some of the cartoon background decorations can be used as skins for simple gaming programs or cartoon illustrations.

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Free Icons Fonts that will finish off your project perfectly

Stenciling was a thing in the 90’s (we remember it like it was yesterday) and it's back again now in an even bigger way. You can use stencils for all sorts - clothing, wall decor, garden slabs, glitter tattoos - especially if you make them reusable. What you need is clear craft plastic and easy tack repositionable adhesive (this is important for the reusable part). Upload your free icons font into Design Space and add a shape over your file, make sure to give yourself adequate space around the image - we don't want our stencil tearing.

Highlight all layers and click slice to make your stencil. If there are any pieces that are going to get lost when you cut (like the middle of letters) you just need to go in and add a small elongated rectangle bridging shape to them, weld it to the sliced image to create a tab to hold the center of the letters in place when you cut. Once the design is cut, flip it over and spray a layer of adhesive to the back and there you have your very own stencil!

An Icons Font File can make your project Iconic!

Our easy to download, multi-format (JPG, PDF, PNG) icons font file offer you access to our unlimited customer support, and come with a lifetime download guarantee. They’re also dual-licensed, which means they’re available for both personal and commercial use. So whether you prefer to use a Cricut, Silhouette or Glowforge we have you covered.

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