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Save money, time and energy on entertaining your kids on their next school break with our fun and vibrant kids fonts collection!

The biggest enemy to a child getting excited about learning is monotony - especially for the younger audience. You need bright colors, fun illustrations and eye-catching pictures to grab their attention and keep them interested. With our brilliant range of child friendly fonts, you can get crafting on a whole bunch of engaging projects: be it toys, clothes or learning materials. Plus, if you DIY them at home, you don’t have to break the bank every time it’s “back to school”.

Kids Fonts
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It’s play time with our free kids fonts!

With their noses constantly stuck in smartphones and tablets, it can be very tricky these days to engage kids with their environment and entertain them without the use of online games and TV. That’s where our free kids fonts come in! You can make a whole load of fun arts and crafts for your children and even get them to join in and learn a few new skills.

One of the more fun projects you can try is designing and making your own board game. If you’re not feeling particularly ambitious, you could even just come up with your own look for traditional games like shoots and ladders or clue. With your favorite font, you can have a matching theme for the board, question cards, play pieces and the outer box. And since all our graphics are of the highest quality, your game will look just like a proper, professional game!

With Font Bundles downloads, you can massively maximise output and produce high quality designs and products so quickly and efficiently, that your crafting will take a fraction of the time it might using another resource - so you can spend all those extra quality hours with your little ones!

You won’t need to keep an eye on your kids fonts file

Unlike our little humans, the wonderful thing about our files is that once you’ve downloaded them, they’re there to stay in your digital portfolio, safe ‘n sound. With our versatile formats, you can use your kids fonts file again and again, and with a dual license, you have full freedom to use your chosen fonts for both personal and commercial use.

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