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Ever wondered what the ‘light’ version of a font is? Well, a light font is a font that uses less weight than “normal” fonts, such as Times New Roman. They can provide a clear, sharp visual for lettering, add a modern, sleek feel and provides contrast to differentiate between headings, titles and paragraphs in a digital product

Our Light Fonts collection showcases fonts with light versions included. Light Fonts are perfect for professional logos, invitations, stationery, wedding designs, business cards, greeting cards, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, labels, quotes, doodle, headings, titles and merchandise!

Light Fonts
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Try the straight and narrow with a Free Light Fonts

Light fonts are perfect for etching lettering onto glass! This technique is a great way to make your design stand out on things like tumblers, beer glasses or even lanterns. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think! You will need a blank item (think a bottle, vase, jar etc), glass etching paste, and a stencil. We recommend using vinyl alongside one of our premium or free Light Fonts so that it’s easy to apply to the glass surface and sticks well so that you don’t get any ‘bleeding’ of the paste which will blur the design.

Give your glass surface a wipe down and apply your vinyl stencil making sure there are no air bubbles and all edges are smoothed down to avoid any seeping. Apply the glass etching paste as per the instructions and leave it to work. Once it’s been left on for the correct amount of time you can wipe it off, remove the stencil and give it a good clean up!

Brighten up your day with a Light Fonts File

Unsure how to use your Light Fonts file? Looking for some tips and tricks? Check out our Design School! It was made to help you learn all there is to know about fonts, graphics, templates, designs, file types, different software programs, Frequently Asked Questions and much much more.

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