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If ever there was a collection that will inspire some really stunning creative projects and give opportunities to try out different art and design techniques, it’s our incredible range of medieval fonts.

If you want your font to make a strong impression, nothing does a better job of that than the striking aesthetics of the past. The Middle Ages featured some beautiful and intricate calligraphy, with beautiful font embellishments. It’s no wonder that this time period culminated with the invention of the printing press! These days, handy machines like the Cricut, Sizzix, and Glowforge can help you make your own mark in art history.

Medieval Fonts
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Weave a beau tapestry with our free medieval fonts

Taking inspiration from a span of several centuries, from Gothic architecture to Middle Eastern scripture, our free medieval fonts can’t be rivalled for their ornate beauty and gorgeous attention to detail. You can make some truly striking arts and crafts with the help of these fonts, so get your creative supplies ready and start crusading for ideas.

To truly capture the feeling of ancient history, why not use your chosen font to upcycle and beautify your home furnishings. You can easily make a repeat pattern with your lettering by uploading your design into Canva. Use the snap grid function to arrange your word or phrase into an evenly spaced pattern and print it out onto sheets of image transfer paper and apply them to your fabric. If you’re using older or textured fabric, the transfers may not come out perfectly neatly, however, this effect might just add to the authentic handmade feeling of that age. If feeling particularly dexterous, you could embroider around the edges to highlight your letters and make for a richer design.

We’re gonna get medieval fonts file on yo’ project

You can turn your finished fabric into a cushion cover, throw, table runner or even a garment. With a particularly intricate medieval fonts file, you could type out a meaningful quote or song lyrics and frame your printed design to make a beautiful wall decoration. And if you want to share your designs with your customers, our dual license lets you use your font for commercial projects too!

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