Modern Fonts

If your website, social media or other online content is in need of some reinvigoration, our selection of modern fonts are the ideal tools to help you add some beautiful designs to your digital layouts.

Digital media is such a fast paced environment, it’s crucial to stay on trend and make sure your content doesn’t get stale or be seen as outdated. Sometimes, something as simple as updating your font can make all the difference in the world in making your website or posts look more fresh, more innovative and more professional. All our fonts take inspiration from countless different styles and give them a contemporary feel that can be used across countless themes and mediums.

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Be a pro-craft-inator with our awesome free modern fonts

Whether you’re a blogger, designer or simply enjoy arts and crafts for fun, some well chosen free modern fonts will inspire your next project and help you make some amazing and eye-catching pieces and compositions.

If you’re launching a new business or need to update the look of your current one, a modern font can help you communicate the vibe of your brand or product range and visually engage with your target demographics. You can use your font for your website landing pages, navigation bars, icons, headers, pop-ups, testimonials and newsletters, to name a few. You could also take your font one step further and use it to design new business cards and product packaging - so no matter what format it’s in, your font will make your business instantly recognizable.

Why not use your font to make a repeat pattern and apply it onto tissue or wrapping paper to stylishly package your deliveries to customers. You could even make some unique stickers to make sure your font is even featured in the fastenings, as opposed to dull and hard-to-remove sellotape.

We mo-dare-n you to resist a modern fonts file...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a modern fonts file is the best of both worlds since you can communicate your name, brand or content in a beautiful, visually striking way. A stylish font can have such a strong and arresting presence on a page that additional graphics won’t even be necessary to grab your reader’s attention.

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