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The retro look never fails to be cool, but it’s important to stay relevant and on trend with your designs. Luckily, our modern retro fonts collection perfectly combines the charm of old school designs with modern simplicity, making these fonts ideal for you to use in your projects.

Are you stuck for crafting ideas at the moment or suffering from crafters block? Well never fear, we here at Font Bundles are ready to inspire you with our awesome range of modern retro fonts. You’ll find designs you can add into email signatures, promotional materials and online content to level up your branding, as well as creating physical crafts for yourself or your friends.

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Relive the Golden Oldies with some free modern retro fonts

You needn’t worry if you’re not a graphic design pro - our free modern retro fonts are so user friendly, you can make some amazing designs and layouts even if you’re just a beginner and using the most basic graphic software.

Our downloads are compatible with a range of software options, including Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Simply select a file type that works best with your particular editing software and is suitable for your design idea. For instance, a PNG file allows for a clear background, so it’s ideal to overlay your font on top of another design. Also, certain file types make it easier to mirror an image, if you were planning on transferring your design onto a personal item or garment - remember, if you don’t flip the image, it will come out backwards when you transfer it onto your object!

Once you’ve finished tweaking your design, it can be used to create blog posts, online reviews, digital promotional materials, social media posts, newsletters and so much more.

Add a splash of nostalgia with a modern retro fonts file

In addition to all the cool digital projects you could work on, your modern retro fonts file is also ideal for making some original arts and crafts. Why not embrace the spirit of the past few decades and make some pins, badges, patches and stickers. You could even make your own, colorful bandana that would make the attendees of Woodstock like totally jealous, dude!

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